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How to Empower Female Entrepreneurs? By Sallie Holder

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My Journey

“I practiced law for 10 years in labour and employment litigation but it wasn’t really my passion and I was more inclined to entrepreneurship. Most of my family members were also into  entrepreneurship. I had also practiced as a chief operating officer of six different companies in six different industries and I always believed that if the right chance comes along then I would love to be able to serve small business entrepreneurs. And that chance approached me in 2018 when I began a coaching business to provide advice to entrepreneurs and over the years, it has expanded from one-to-one coaching to small group coaching sessions. At this point of time, I am really focussed in empowering female entrepreneurs to improve their revenue specifically to a seven to eight figure mark.” – Sallie.

Morning Lazziness is exclusively bringing you an interview session with Ms. Sallie Holder, the founder of ‘The BRIMM,’ a business coaching service, a former law attorney, and Chief Operating Officer.

During the conversation, Sallie shared with us about her work-life journey that took a turn after she left her career in law, The BRIMM, her story behind beginning BRIMM, the revenue escalator, and many more about entrepreneurship.


“I found that currently in the market, coaching services are more focussed on helping the start-ups and very few were focussed on helping the companies advance beyond that difficult phase of growth between six and seven figures of mark. It takes a different skill set to escalate your company’s growth to a million dollar mark than it does to reach a hundred thousand. It involves a lot of leadership, systemization, hiring and other processes and that’s what we do at The BRIMM.” – Sallie. 

Revenue Escalator

“The number one thing that we are focussed on at The Brimm is the revenue escalator.  I discovered a statistical data that I found quite alarming but true, it stated that only 2% of female entrepreneurs in the USA are leading businesses that grow over a million dollars. It was an astonishing figure to me, and it’s far too low so I wanted to create a system that would provide female entrepreneurs with the methodology and structure that would really escalate their revenue well past the million dollar mark. I combined all experience working as an attorney and COO and business coaching into this project. It’s a nine step system within the revenue escalator which we call the TRA and we have spent 12 months together going through every bit of their calendar year so that I am helping my clients as their partner in growth.” – Sallie

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