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Build Your Brands with Chrissy Bernal

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My Story

“I do both coaching and consulting to help mostly women, to get clarity in their brands, set an intention and that they are very clear about their next step in brand growth and being intentional about the same goal. This year, I will not be launching anything new but I will be helping my clients launch their initiatives. ” – Chrissy 

Morning Lazziness is proudly bringing you an interview session with Ms. Chrissy Bernal, founder of Be A Better Brand.

During the conversation, Chrissy shared with us some key elements to be noted for brand growth, the seven pillars of brand building, and the challenges of brand building. Do check out the entire interview session to update yourself about branding!

Brand Growth

“I believe once a brand gets clear on their mission and sets their intention, that’s when they are able to know where the ship is pointing and finally start growing.” – Chrissy

Challenges in Brand Building

“I think lack of clarity makes people feel stuck while working really hard and not able to accomplish much in their line of work. Once they take time to slow down on things and set everything on foundation so that you have clarity on your mission and what you can offer. Many of them do not know what their offer is and it is one of the biggest hurdles which costs them money and keeps them from brand building.” – Chrissy

The 7even Pillars

“There are a few things that every brand should have and I refer to them as the foundational pieces here are a few: you need a logo as a visual representation and a logo can hurt if it is done poorly instead be intentional about it, define another aspect about your brand and be clear about your brand’s nature and its elements with your team and the audience because consistency is the key here to effectively communicate your message to the audience, get your solid messaging together.” 

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