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A Candid Talk with Avni Parekh (Author of ‘Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself’)

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“I am in the process of wrapping up the manuscript of a cookbook geared toward conscious  eating and the benefits of meatless diets, which I started back in 2019. My goal is to release the  supplemental workbook to self-help book Be The Bigger Person in the next few months, and my  cookbook will probably be available by the beginning of 2023.” 

My Journey

“I kickstarted my career in public relations, and while working in the corporate sector for many  years, I used to blog and focus on my creative projects. Ultimately, I find myself feeling more  fulfilled focusing on my creative and entrepreneurial projects because I’m able to help others in  the process.” – Avni Parekh. 

Morning Lazziness proudly presents to you a Candid Talk session with Ms. Avni Parekh, entrepreneur and author of “Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself.”

During the talk, Avni shared with us her career journey, author goals, as well as valuable inputs from her book for readers, and much more. 

How to become a better version of yourself?

“Everything we do has a repercussion and vibration in this world. In order for anyone to become  a better version of them self, they must first be aware. Aware of the consequences of each  action they take, and how it impacts the people around them, the environment, and the world.” –  Avni Parekh 

Author’s note on “Be The Bigger Person: Scenarios & Solutions to Better Yourself”  

“This book could act like a “friend in your pocket.” I want women readers to know that many of the issues they face or may go through in life do get addressed in this book. For instance, how to deal with the negativity that comes from breastfeeding in public, or how to deal with being cat called by disrespectful men.  

Each scenario provides quick snippets of positive affirmations and takeaways to truly help you when negativity is overtaking your mind, and you need clarity. I urge every reader to refer to the  resources and the numbers for organizations that offer true guidance and help, in the back of the  book, if they come across a scenario that resonates with their life in such a manner that makes  them feel depressed.” – Avni Parekh 

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