Saturday, December 2, 2023

Female Entrepreneurship and The Dynamic Fashion World by Christina Flach (Founder of Pretty Girl Makeup)


“Figure out what you love doing so much that you would do and not get paid and then figure out how to get paid” – Christina 

The fashion industry is known for its driving zeal and competency in today’s modern world, and it occupies a definite point at each and every corner of the globe. Entrepreneurs are eager to invest in this fast-moving industry, foreseeing profit and publicity as rewards.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Christina Flach, a celebrity makeup artist as well as the founder of Pretty Girl Makeup.

In this interview, we have enveloped matters concerning Christina’s voyage as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry.

“As a female entrepreneur in this industry, the hardest challenge is to be self-funded, as I didn’t have any investors nor sufficient capital at the beginning. But now, with the unlimited reach of social media platforms, things have changed a lot in this industry. I think the journey is so much different now that I have the financial and emotional support, the strength of the experience of the team that I am currently coordinating with to build a successful line.” – Christina

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The mission of Pretty girl makeup

“My mission is to come up with healthy products that are good for the skin, anti-aging that last a long time and can give the user a little bit of joy for a minute.” – Christina

How did I come up with the notion of pretty girl makeup lipgloss?

“I was constantly in this battle between lipgloss and water, so I decided to create my line as I was sick of putting up with it. I worked with a beauty chemist, and we came up with the formulations and the colors which I later on lended to my family and friends to try on and give feedback.” – Christina

Tips for young female entrepreneurs:

“I would like to say that make sure it’s something that you love doing and don’t expect to receive earnings immediately. I was quite blessed, as I was a makeup artist working in the same line.”- Christina 

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