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All You Need To Know About Vestibular Training Services By Sheila Thelen

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“Vestibular system is the master system of your brain; It regulates not only the balance of your body but also your cognitive” – Sheila Thelen.

Coordination of our sense organs

The vestibular system consists of how the eyes and ears of our body together in unity process back into our brain, and it affects how fast we process our learnings. It plays a huge part in our life; vestibular training can help you learn to control your balance and cognitive process via a few training sessions that stimulate the same.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Ms. Sheila Thelen, a vestibular genius who has worked with thousands of athletes, kids, and rehabilitation groups throughout the world.

She is also the founder of vestibular training services, a national/ international/ master figure skating coach. I think when your balance is broken, your life is really in struggle, sp training your vestibular system will help you define your balance again.

Magical Spinning in the air

At vestibular training services, we have an electric platform that spins, so as the coach controls the speed and the direction, the individual in position can exhilarate the spinning platter. Once they start spinning, there is this option to lift the individual, and then they can spin in the air, which is almost like magical floating. Spinning increases one’s sense of thinking and makes you more aware of the spatial area around you; thereby we can work on your balance, tracking your head to your feet; it 

“The spinning process might make some dizzy, but it basically kind of scrambles their body to unscramble it” – Sheila. 

Upcoming projects

“Currently, we are starting a research project with NASA at the US with our astronauts and also we are working with Nike, the tennis shoe company as we help the athletes to regain their balance” – Sheila.

Our Success

“The happiest aspect of our services is that we also work with the children of autism and special needs, and the results were lovely. Along with that, we also work with the aging community, who are prone to falls, including my 75-year old mom, and I could see significant improvements in her balance” – Sheila.

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