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How to Become an Ecopreneur: Listen to Nick Thorsch, The founder of Share2Seed

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We didn’t need to have 26 climate summits, if the world leaders were serious enough and kept their commitments, we shouldn’t have had 26 summits but one, and it would’ve solved climate change by now” – Nick Thorsch.

Not late yet to bring a change

Climate change has become a problem of the hour that shall be addressed with logical yet efficient ways to keep it under control. Over the years, we have polluted our mother earth, and it is now asking us for remuneration.

Despite its pleas, we moved ahead with our selfish motives, and now here we are, suffering from freezing winters and burning summers due to altered proportions of greenhouse gases present in our atmosphere.

But still, it isn’t late yet, to rebuild our damaged planet. Let us look at some innovative ways to achieve the same.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an illuminating interview session with Nick Thorsch, the founder of Share2Seed.

Nick is, in fact, the true definition of Morning Lazziness; he revealed the same as soon as we began the conversation. Do watch the interview session if you are looking for some creative vegan food ideas.

Ecopreneurship is a new initiative that Share2Seed is bringing forward to encourage entrepreneurs worldwide to shift to an eco-friendly investment approach.

Share2Seed, being an eco-community, empowers ecopreneurs to create a sustainable income and impact on our society that has become a victim of climate change.  

Ecopreneur is an umbrella term for any business movement in the direction of a more sustainable society; it could be implemented in all industries.” – Nick.

Entrepreneurs vs Ecopreneurs

Entrepreneurship is primarily driven by profit-making, whereas ecopreneurs are focused on earning profit from doing something sustainable for our society.

Unlike entrepreneurs, you will be able to contribute to our society in a harmonious and ethical way benefitting our environment.

I think this world needs more young leaders voicing for climate change, put power on the hands of who can bring a positive change to this world”- Nick.

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