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6 Important Skills Every Woman Should Gain to Perform Better at College

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Choosing to study in college and advance your knowledge and expertise on a specific subject or topic is something many people want to do. The number of applicants for university courses or degrees has risen globally.

Getting an education has become more accessible than ever. And people, even from low-income families or countries, now have the possibility to study in a well-developed country. There are all kinds of scholarships granted to students that want to perform in a domain. 

But to graduate and successfully accomplish all your tasks, you need to improve some skills. They can help you be more productive, focused, and aware of what you go through. So, here is a list of skills every woman should gain to perform better at college. 

Time Management 

One of the most important skills every student should have, not only female ones. Knowing how to manage your time, plan your activities, and give yourself a buffer time is important. Your college schedule might be pretty chaotic, at least at the beginning, until you get accustomed to it. You will have essays to write, classes to participate in, leisure nights with colleagues. 

And being present at all these and accomplishing your tasks with success might seem overwhelming. There are moments when students get too many essays to write. So, they need help to face these challenges easier. Thankfully, you can get the help of an essay rewriter by EduBirdie. They can support you in your academic quest and guide you towards delivering a professional and powerful essay. 

Managing Your Finances

Skills Every Woman Should Gain to Perform Better at College

As a student, you surely have a lot of opportunities around you. You can go to parties with friends. There are milestones to celebrate. There are movies to be seen. But all these require money. On top of this, you also need to invest money in your academic resources and life. 

You need to pay the rent and utilities, but also the books and materials you need in your study process. And for this, you need to know how to manage your money wisely. No one wants to end up borrowing money from their colleagues and then having a difficult time returning it. 

Stress Management

Yogic Breathing Exercises to Combat Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Even though college life is depicted as being dreamy and idyllic, it is not always like this. Indeed, college comes with a lot of opportunities, and it opens many professional doors. But at the same time, there are moments when everything might become overwhelming. There are periods in a college year that are full of exams, essays to write, assignments to submit. And all these might add more to the stress you feel. 

Many people see and say that stress is bad. But in normal quantities, it comes with benefits. Do not forget that stress helped our ancestors survive and keep an eye for the dangers that might appear. But usually, students experience high quantities of stress that might affect academic performance. You might get less sleep than you need, and its quality might be poor. 

You might be anxious, and you might reach burnout. This is why it is crucial to have good stress management skills. They will surely help you perform better at college as you feel you have everything under control. 

Study Skills 

RULE NUMBER ONE: Always try to see your clients in person because you can’t kiss their ___ over a computer… AND… RULE NUMBER TWO… If you don’t schmooze, you lose! (And if YOU don’t see your clients in person on a regular basis, someone else will…and you could possibly wind up losing some of those clients, even though you may have been doing a great job for them.) Copy: One of the most important things in any business is keeping your clients and customers…and keeping them happy. One of the other most important things in business is working well with your co-workers and keeping them happy, too. And, aside from always trying to do your best to do good work for them, and aside from always being straightforward and honest with your clients and co-workers, one of the most important things in business is to build a good working relationship with your clients and everyone you work with so they are comfortable working with you and trusting you. 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Then, one day, some people in management told him that they wanted him to spend some more time entertaining his clients after work. So, he started to stay out late and entertain his clients a lot more, and a few months later, the same management people that didn’t like him in the first place said, “He’s not much of a family man,” and shortly after that, they fired him, even though his sales were very good. Politics…it’s all politics. In most cases, one person can do just as good a job as another, and to keep your job, learn how to navigate the office politics. And to keep your clients, learn how to navigate their office politics. And to keep your customers, learn how to navigate their politics. Also, read a lot of books about business. Read a lot of books about your industry. And one book that everyone should read immediately is Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” It will stand you in good stead throughout your business life and throughout all your years. NOW…FOR COMMUNICATING BETTER WITH YOUR CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS, AND CO-WORKERS… 1) Remember…always try to see them in person as often as you can. 2) If you can’t see them in person, call them! Don’t just text them. Don’t just email them. See them in person. Talk to them in person. If you can’t see them in person because of Covid or for any other reason, call them. 3) Build a good working relationship with everyone you work with. Don’t argue! Don’t yell, and don’t ever curse at work! 4) Keep your nasty thoughts and comments to yourself… 5) And…learn how to master the arts of Flattery and to appeal to a person’s Vanity. Flattery and Vanity…Flattery and Vanity…They could become some of the keys to success in all that you do. 6) Also, always keep in touch with your past and present clients with holiday cards, birthday cards, and interesting bits of information as often and as appropriately as they occur. And always keep in mind rule Number One…See your clients, customers, and co-workers in person as often as you can because you can’t kiss their ___ over a computer, and if you don’t schmooze, you lose. Here’s wishing you the best of success in communicating better with your clients, customers, and co-workers!

Another set of skills that is essential to college performance is study skills. Over the years, you will go to classes with different professors. Each of them has its teaching method and strategy. Even though you might find it difficult to adapt to each style, this is a task in itself. You need to know how to take notes during classes and organize them for studying. 

You need to know where to find the books and studies you were looking for. You need to know how to use the library and research for your essay. It might sound like a lot of things to know. But do not be afraid! These are some of the skills you will first learn while in college. And the more you will practice them, the better you will become. 

Communication Skills 


Another set of skills that is essential to life in college. You will meet a lot of people, some of which will become your friends for life. But you will also have to work in groups for specific projects. Or write essays to express your point of view on a given topic. In all these cases, communication is essential. Knowing how to send a clear and logical message is essential. 

Being able to express your thoughts and ideas coherently, both spoken and written, is crucial. Communication skills foster the development of good relationships between colleagues. And it also contributes to your college performance. 

Emotion Management Skills 

How to Understand the Language of your Emotions

Women are known to be more emotional than men. This should not be seen as a flaw but a feature. Of course, this assumption also depends on the emotion type, the context, and how it is measured. Women connect easily with those around them and are more empathic. But they might also feel negative emotions more intensely. As college life is full of both of them, emotion management skills are essential. 

Being aware of your own emotions and knowing how to process them is something that will help you perform better. Some of them might be more challenging to handle than others. And over time, you will gain more control over them. 


Being a student in college comes with many benefits. You meet new people, gain expertise in a domain you like and expand your knowledge. However, expect to experience difficult and overwhelming times too. To navigate the stormy waters of being a student in college, some skills could help any woman do it. 

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