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10 Exciting Things to Do on Sunday for A Productive Week


Sundays can often be bittersweet. But, it’s the weekend, so you want to make the most of it. Meanwhile, you get Sunday Blues in anticipation of having to go back to work on Monday.

On Sundays, we often feel challenged because we want to plan a constructive week and, therefore, have a lot of productive things to do. But, at the same time, we also want to relax and enjoy this one day off!

The great thing is, you don’t have to choose! So instead, we’ve decoded a routine for a fruitful Sunday that will allow you to plan for the week ahead, while also taking some time to relax.

In this post, we are sharing 10 productive things to do on Sunday to help you have a better and fully recharging week ahead!

1. Grocery Shopping

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Sunday should always be a shopping day!

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First, plan the meals for the week. It means looking at the foods you already have in the refrigerator and understanding how you can use them in your diet. Then plan your meal and think about what else you need to buy.

Once you have your shopping list planned, Sunday is the day to pick up the groceries and run other errands you need.

2. Clean ‘thy’ fridge

It is the day we shop for groceries for the week, so it’s also a great way to clean out the fridge. Check for expired food that needs to be thrown out and make sure all the shelves have been wiped down.

Almost all of us try our best not to waste food. But truth be told, we are all guilty of buying these fruits and vegetables sometimes with the best of intentions and then forgetting about them altogether.

3. It’s Laundry time

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Sunday is the best day to wash all the sheets and towels. Then make sure to clean, dry, and put away dirty clothes in your laundry basket.

It’s just one of the tasks you know you won’t have to worry about when you get home from a long Monday job if you already get it out of your way on Sunday.

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4. Plan the outfits for a ‘cute looking’ work week

In the morning before work, our minds are always a little foggy. Therefore, choosing clothes in the morning can take twice as long as it might take the day before.

Sunday night is a great time to look at the weather and generally plan your outfits for the week.

5. Clean, clean. Clean.

A messy house can cause a lot of anxiety, so clean the home on Sunday. And more importantly, it ensures that you start a work week in a clean house. When you return to work during the week, you may not want to clean as soon as you get home. So get it out of your way on Sunday.

6. Check the budget

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Weekends are usually when we spend the most money. It’s because we go out on a romantic evening, or hang out with friends or go away for the weekend. It is also a time to do the shopping and run chores.

Therefore, review your budget on Sundays. It will give you a good idea of ​​where you are financially. And if you go over budget in any of your spending categories, that will tell you to be frugal next week.

7. Clean the inbox

It’s a shame that Monday morning is further marred by an inbox full of unread emails.

So, filter out some of those Sunday night emails to make Monday morning a little easier. Then, clean the spam folder, read the ones that could be quickly handled and delete them afterward. 

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8. Plan the week

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Once you know your weekly schedule, sit down and plan out some goals for the week. It could mean filling your free time by tackling your side hustle or hobby.

9. Prepare for the morning routine

Once you’ve reviewed your schedule and mapped out your weekly goals, make a to-do list for Monday. What things to do in the first half of the day, what things to be taken care of, and so on.

Making a to-do list the day before ensures you are not scrambling your day. You can use a daily planner to do so.

10. Take a break

Sunday can be an excellent day to plan an efficient week, but it’s also the last day to relax before the work week. So be sure to set aside time to relax on Sunday!

You can complete the productive tasks early in the morning, so you can spend the evening enjoying the end of the weekend.

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