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23 Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Monday Morning

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It is a universal fact that nobody likes Mondays whether it is due to the fact that it comes after two days of doing or because we just love to wake up late.

Either way, Mondays are the hardest yet most important day of the week. Mondays arrive with the deadline for most tasks to be completed.

Here are some most common lies (or you can call them inner motivational thoughts) that we tell ourselves on Monday.

1. This week won’t be as much of a sh*t show as the last one. 

2. I’m going to follow everything I wrote down in my planner to a tee. 

3. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up earlier than normal and actually be productive!

4. I will complete all the tasks well before time. I honestly want to, but Monday just doesn’t let me.

5. Weekend’s right at the corner. Even though the weekend is a whole week ahead, I like to tell myself that weekend will be here in no time.

6. I will work hard every day so I can have fun on the weekend. Even though the “fun” means doing all the ignored chores.

7. It’s going to be an energizing day and start of the week.

8. I just use Monday as the day to unwind and prepare for the whole week ahead.

9. No more slow start and no more stress, Monday welcoming you with a big smile.

10. I have enough time to do my hair properly before work.

11. I lie to myself that I’m going to go join the gym today.

12. I’m going to stop putting whip cream in my coffee…

13. I’m going to stop drinking wine for 30 days. 

14 I’m going to start my book writing habit this week!

15. I’m going to make sure my kids go to bed by 8 p.m. this week.

16. Tomorrow I’ll start waking up at 5 a.m. to get more done.

17. I’ll scrub the bathroom this week.

18. No more eating out, I’ll create a menu for the week!

19. I’ll listen to my husband’s request to initiate intimacy this week.

20. I’m going to drink more water this week. I always say I’m going to hydrate more so I’ll bring a water bottle with me everywhere I go and fill it up intermittently throughout the day. I should also buy a water jug for my desk.

21. I’m definitely going to get networking drinks this week with the new girl in the office. I’ll go introduce myself later today.

22. No more Starbucks! I’m going to learn how to make Irish coffee at home.

23. I’m NOT going to wear sweatpants to class today.

Monday morning is usually filled with affirmative statements like, “I can do this” and “This will be a great week”. As the week goes on, these statements may start to fade and may start to seem like lies, but I still try to keep the positive outlook going.

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