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A Candid Conversation with Nandita Madan (Indian Artist and Interior Designer)

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“I have been painting all my life but it was more like a hobby than a career. It all started when I was asked to do the interiors of a restaurant called Bombay Bistro, where I got an opportunity to display my creative skills and I guess it turned out well because I did get a lot of recognition from those works. After that, there was no stopping, I continued doing the interiors of other restaurants and other projects.” – Nandita.

Morning Lazziness is profoundly bringing an exclusive interview session with Ms. Nandita Madan, an Indian artist, and interior designer.

During the conversation, Nandita shared with us how her Indian origins are reflected in her artworks, her art experiments on cloth wear and challenges of an interior designer, and many more. 

My Inspiration

“I was fascinated by the creativity of freedom and self-expression and growing up I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by many creative people whose works became a source of inspiration to me. I always wanted a career where I could express myself and my thoughts freely in a creative way through art which has no boundaries. I admire Amrita Sher-Gil’s works and in my works one might be able to find reflections of Indian artists like Yamini Roy. I try to follow a lot of artists who aren’t well-known and take references from their work.” – Nandita.

Reflection of culture on art

“Being an Indian, I am deep rootely connected with my culture and it’s a part of me that comes out on the canvas through my art works. And India being a very diverse country, culturally rich, I am really happy to share with this part of the world through my works. At the same time I respect and admire the cultures of other countries just like my own.” – Nandita.

Art on clothes

“My ties are ethnic because I want them to be different from the regular ones but my scarves are of bright colours and patterns. I have started painting sarees also now but not on a large scale as I just want them to be exclusive.” – Nandita.

Challenges of an interior designer

“The most challenging part of becoming an interior designer is understanding the client’s need and vision and work with the client to balance between the practical and conceptual aspects of the designs. The rest of the work just falls in place once you know what the client wants which will make him/her as happy as you will be with your creation.” – Nandita

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