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Which Money Heist Character You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Started as underrated “La casa de papel” on Spanish television “Money Heist” has become one of Netflix’s hits after its reopening on streaming services. The chronological record of the Royal Spanish Mint, and later of a group of thieves who tried to rob the Bank of Spain, became an international sensation. The red jumpsuits and Dalí masks worn by the group were spotted everywhere, from protests to Halloween parties.

Much of the success of “La Casa de Papel” is in the cast of its various characters. This group mostly stayed united in the five parts of the series and has been slightly expanded to include new additions. Each of them is unique and has solid strengths and weaknesses, in a similar sense to the signs of the zodiac. Like the characters in “Money Heist”, each symbol allows for a pattern that actually predicts an individual’s reaction to a particular situation. It also indicates if they are fit for victory or if they get eliminated.

With that in mind, here’s a crossover analysis of the character you love and the characteristics you were born with. Select your zodiac sign and see which “money heist” character is your spirit animal.

1. Aries- Berlin

berlin money heist

Aries is a complex sign, endowed with an ambitious drive, loyalty, and a strong personality. They are also brave, determined, and bold in their leadership roles, keeping everyone’s motivation high. Aries, strongly associated with Mars, is one of the most intense and emotional zodiacs. It is not uncommon for them to become impatient or react aggressively to situations. 

These characteristics perfectly represent Berlin’s character from “Money Heist.” He is a smart and charismatic commander in charge of gangsters in the countryside. A divisive person, he is considered a monster by many fans, but some perceive him as a person willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. An example is his treatment of Ariadna Cascales (Clara Alvarado), with whom he has a twisted relationship. He also sacrificed Tokio after she betrayed him and turned him over to the police during a protest, showing that his temper was getting the better of him. Nonetheless, the character is fiercely loyal to his crew and siblings, sacrificing himself at the end of part one so they can escape.

2. Taurus- Alicia Sierra

Alicia Sierra

The Taureans will almost certainly stand firm and go their own way, but they can be honest and realistic about what they do. They are also trustworthy and at the same time wise by nature. This makes them great teammates and colleagues, especially when the going gets tough. Of course, people born under this sign are not completely focused on their work. They can enjoy some of the finer things in life and have a bit of a sensual personality.

Considering all the Taurean characteristics above, the best character that resembles it is Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) in parts 3, 4, and 5. Relentless and determined police officers investigate the gang and try to stop them from robbing the Bank. She sticks to her job and shows her temper to get the results she wants at all costs. Alicia shows how smart she is by discovering where the professor’s (Álvaro Morte) hideout is. But starting in Part 5, the character softens and begins to show a more compassionate side when she gives birth to her daughter.

3. Gemini- Denver


Geminis are open-minded and show great adaptability. They use their intellect to change course when the facts demand it. People born under this sign are sometimes considered two-faced due to their fluidity, which is a misunderstanding of their nature. Disloyalty should certainly not be associated with the sign.

Denver (Jaime Lorente) has been shown to store nearly infinite energy throughout “Money Heist.” He also has a sharp intellect and can sometimes appear to move too quickly due to his quick wits. The character has changed significantly since his introduction and has shown a tendency to evolve and mature over time. Denver is no longer an innocent and crude young man. Although he was sometimes hostile, he also showed kindness to the hostages and made the gang laugh with jokes and one-liners, showing his caring side.

4. Cancer- Rio


Cancer’s sensitive nature allows them to show an element of introspection and reflection about their behavior. Like the crabs that represent the signs, they may seem cold and aloof at first, but once you get under their hard shell, they make an excellent companion.

Among the main characters of “Money Heist”, the one who most symbolizes cancer is Río (Miguel Herrán). He is sensitive and compassionate and shows great love for Tokyo in their time together. The youngest member of the gang is probably the biggest concern. He spent a lot of time questioning his decision and has an innocence about him, which confused him. Like other Cancers, Rio has a hard time opening up and sometimes needs someone to protect him from himself.

5. Leo- Arturo


In a sense, Arturo (Enrique Arce) is not your typical Leo. He has shown many times that he can be timid and will put others in danger to save himself. But he fits perfectly with many other personality traits of a Leo. He showed the other robbers that he wanted to be a hero in Part 4 and expressed his desire to save everyone. Arturo is also self-entitled, aiming to dominate the women and get the attention of everyone in the room. The character is also very jealous and tries to win Monica back, though Monica acknowledges his toxic nature.

6. Virgo- Nairobi


Virgos are intimately linked to innocence and kindness. Many people born under this sign care about the people around them and have a pure heart and empathy. Virgos also prefer to be humble, self-respecting, and out of the limelight as much as possible. They are usually diligent and practical thinkers who are curious to get answers and reveal the truth. Virgo’s logical mind also gives them a better idea of ​​the event, allows them to see the big picture, and makes them excellent out-of-the-box planners.

Many of these qualities can be used to describe Nairobi (Alba Flores) in “Money Heist”. She takes on the role of mother to the group, focusing them on their work and protecting them. She is easily the most compassionate and caring of the leads and takes an absurd approach to her role. Nairobi also adds a sense of order to the chaos of the heists, and uses her objectivity to maintain a voice of reason throughout the series.

7. Libra- Helsinki

Helsinki Money heist

Helsinki (Darko Peric) is a Serbian immigrant who received a tough upbringing. This instills in him a strong work ethic, and he tends to follow orders without hesitation. He is also a neutral person, refusing to step aside and often choosing to take the neutral position. Helsinki shares the qualities of Libra. For example, he cannot fend for himself. However, in Part 2 of Episode 1, Helsinki showed the perfect display of love for the family when he compassionately sacrificed his cousin Oslo after he fell into a persistent vegetative state.

8. Scorpio- Tokyo

Tokyo Money heist

Tokyo (Ursula Corbello) is an almost perfect match for this sign. She is intense and has a fiery temper that can explode at the flick of a switch. The character is resolutely independent and refuses to be threatened by others. This led to arguments with other members of the gang.

Like other good Scorpios, Tokyo can also harness her sensual qualities, using the beauty and charm of her nature to bend a man to her will. But her dark side was revealed several times when she left Rio on the island at the beginning of Part 3.

9. Sagittarius- Lisbon


Throughout the series, Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) showed her adventurous spirit. She can be spontaneous and doesn’t feel tied to one place. She started the series as a respected police inspector investigating a robbery before joining the group. This shows how impulsive she can be in leaving her old life behind. Rather, the character has a more stable side to her personality and is honest and reassuring to the people around her. Lisbon also shows how smart she is and uses her brain to almost reveal the professor’s identity.

10. Capricorn- The Professor

The Professor

The characteristic that best represents Capricorn is the Professor (Álvaro Morte). He is the leader of the group of robbers and the ultimate mastermind behind the events of the series. It shows his reasoning and strategic thinking as he plans ahead every time, while his unwavering attitude shows his determination. The Professor will do everything possible to ensure the safety of the group and will take care of them in his own way. Better yet, the Professor is someone who knows what he wants and how to get it, making him a perfect match for the Capricorn sign. 

11. Aquarius- Palermo

Palermo Money heist

Aquarians don’t like to stick to norms or accept authority. It is a simple description that applies to Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna). Palermo is lonely and has a cold front that can be uncomfortable. He likes to control, not just follow orders, like many others born under the sign of Aquarius. Palermo is also intelligent and autonomous and can work effectively alone or within a larger team.

12. Pisces- Stockholm


There is no doubt that Stockholm (Esther Acebo) is the Pisces of the group. She is kind, considerate, and always on the lookout for all the other gang members. In many ways, she is the mother who holds everything together in a crisis and tries to keep everyone focused on what they must do. In the early parts of “Money Heist,” she was held hostage but joined the gang when she decided to escape from Heist rather than stay behind. This further confirms her Pisces nature, as she has made a huge difference in her life without being forced to do so.

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