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An Entrepreneur that Combines Creativity With Diversity in unit by Sangeetha Kowsik

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There was a moment of horrification in my life when I heard about the animosity between different religions from a friend of mine. Since I had a mixed-up upbringing, where I grew up with Afghans, Pakistanis, and Indians and celebrated all traditions and festivals.”- Sangeetha Kowsik

Being a proud Tamil-American, I was never exposed to any form of animosities between children where Islamism and Hinduism are intertwined in unity. 

In 2019 I had an opportunity to do a calligraphy exhibition titled “Allah Swami,” the reason behind the same was my stand to end this animosity, to not pass this hatred to the coming generations, to bring a difference in our society.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Sangeetha Kowsik. She is a Hindu Indian American woman who is an Arabic Calligrapher, which truly makes her identity unique. 

She is also the founder of Ihsanishan design, an award-winning fine arts/design studio inspiring peace by bringing the world together through distinctive and unique designs.

It produces unisex textiles, art prints, and accessories inspired by the art of traditional Arabic Calligraphy. 

Black lives matter

The recent set of collections launched by Ihsanishan is black lives matter, which aims to end racism, convey the hidden diversity in different cultures. The symbol represents different religions and beliefs from around the world. Our products are eco-friendly as they are made from environmentally friendly fabric materials.

My tip to young women entrepreneurs is to follow their dreams, have faith in their dreams and organize yourself and be empowered to face setbacks in your journey”- Sangeetha. 

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