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It’s Time To Make “Radical Change in The Society” – Nisha Anand (CEO of Dream Corps)

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“We want to provide a home to changemakers, a place where if you want to make a difference, you belong.” – Nisha. 

We define …..

“Dream Corps is an NGO that holds people together to confront the most challenging problems across race, social, and partisan lines. We are very future focussed, trying to bring ideas that will take us ahead to the future, where everyone has freedom dignity. The division in our country has become so toxic and we want to be able to show that the problems that prevent people from being together could be healed. What makes us different is that we do have a progressive set of ideas, and we are trying to bring big changes, but we want to do it in a way that includes everybody.” – Nisha

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an exclusive interview session with Ms. Nisha Anand, the CEO of Dream Corps.

During the conversation, we managed to cover various unique yet goal-oriented programs of Dream Corps, challenges they faced emerging as an NGO, and a heartfelt backstory of Nisha Anand that contributed towards shaping her into who she is today.

The Empathy network

“The criminal justice reform is focussing a lot on partisan legislation and collaborating with a large group of leaders who are formerly incarcerated. We have a large community network called the empathy network of formerly incarcerated leaders around the country.” – Nisha

Combating climate change

“We have a climate justice program that concentrates on thinking about reforms that could actually solve the root causes of the climate change problems. The communities that are hurt the first and worst by climate change are usually the last and least to benefit from the future green economy, so we aim to change that in such a way that the future green jobs and climate change policies do help the communities that were impacted the most.” – Nisha

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