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Fabulously Spiritual: Listen to Elise to Learn More About Manifestation and Radiance

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Fabulously spiritual is a modern practice of kundalini yoga” – Elise

Fabulously spiritual is a community for those who wish to materialize their lives. It currently offers the following programs: an 8-week manifesting course and a 12-week radiance course.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Ms. Elise, the founder of fabulously spiritual, a kundalini yoga teacher, avid meditator, mental health advocate, and a manifestation queen. She was a student of Yogi Bhajan from 2007 onwards and later on moved on to teaching from 2013.

Manipulate energy

“Energy is everything for me; I think if people know how to manipulate their energy in certain ways, they can make their life so much better. This could be through small breathwork practices, learning to get into the radiant body which engulfs you in an energy that defines serenity – Elise.

“I believe in changing the energy of the world to help change the energy of the world” – Elise

My definition of Spirituality 

“I believe spirituality is an essence that teaches you that the world is bigger than you, and it connects you with everything around you. It’s not entirely about worshiping a deity, but anything and it is a form of energy that allows you to surrender into it” – Elise

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is an ancient methodology that involves breathwork, mantras, and chantings to fundamentally reset you from the inside out. Elise’s kundalini yoga lessons have become the cornerstone of fabulously spiritual, and the courses on manifestation and radiance have been created by tailoring the various Kundalini yoga energetic frequencies.

“As a teacher, I want to make this practice of kundalini yoga more approachable by modernizing it for my students” – Elise

Tips to step into your radiance

Get the body moving, breathe into it and get all the energy flowing” – Elise

A cold shower can instantaneously become more radiant, helps with your lymphatic system, brighten your skin. A few breathwork practices can also contribute towards achieving the same.

We need more practices that help one dive deeper into their consciousness” – Elise

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