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How Does Practicing Yoga Help One in Life: Listen to Anita Perry

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Sometimes it tackles time to be still and listen to that voice inside of you” – Anita Perry.

 Yoga is a form of meditation that calms your mind and surrounds your soul with serenity; it invigorates your spirit. Practicing Yoga offers plenty of physical benefits; it helps you to relax your muscles by doing different yoga postures. And it also incorporates meditation, helps your mind stay focussed, and adapt to a new lifestyle in which you share your time more wisely.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an enlightening interview session with Ms. Anita Perry, the founder of yoga Anita, an author, educator, yogi, and blogger with experience over four decades in the health and fitness field.

Ms. Perry happens to be the author of Yoga minute and Yoga Wisdom-Reflections of a Practicing Yogi, and she is also a dog parent who makes her smile each day.

I started practicing yoga to primarily heal my body” – Anita.

Yoga will teach you virtues.

“Through Yoga, one will learn to be more kind to oneself, and then they will reconsider before consuming a bunch of processed foods which are not natural and are harmful to the body. After plenty of dedication, Yoga will lighten a self-consciousness in them, which will encourage them to move one’s body by stretching one’s muscles” – Anita.


I had written this book when I was taking classes for my students, and many came up to me complaining about the lack of time. I believe Yoga requires only a minute; this book covers any vital postures that could be easily practiced anywhere you are; some are for relaxing your back pain.

You do have time to do yoga; all you need is a minute, you could start yoga from that very minute, day and just stay still and be there” – Anita.

Once you taste the divinity you could derive from practicing Yoga; you would want to spread the same with the universe; yoga opens up a novelty in you that you might’ve left unnoticed once.

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