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These 6 Zodiac Signs Are Sworn Enemies

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Human beings are spectacular creatures who can perceive so many emotions at the same time. The different kinds of feelings that we discern are primarily due to how we think, but there is always a significant contribution of the stars or zodiac signs. 

Yes, zodiac signs ponder our personalities and make us who we are. 

Have you ever noticed that we are very sweet with few people, but with others, we barely like to talk? This entire mood-fluctuation thing is somehow related to our astrological signs. 

Few become our best friends, and others become our foes. Ever wondered this? Indeed, zodiac signs play a significant role in your life. 

It’s time to talk about how astrological signs in-compatibility makes us enemies with others? 

Zodiac sign compatibility depends upon several factors, mainly personal traits and the alignment of the stars. Some signs may not get along because of their anger issues or potential to fight. 

If you are a sturdy believer and check the horoscope every morning, then this article might help you to know about your enemies and the flaws that promote enmity. 

So, let’s get started. 

Which zodiac signs are enemies?

1. Aquarius and Cancer 

Both of them have a very contrasting nature. Cancerians are rebellions, whereas Aquarius has a very traditional outlook towards life. 

Aquarius tries to include customs and traditions into everything and follows a particular way; this makes Cancer angry because they want a comfortable life, free of any rules or stereotypes. 

Aquarius rejects materialistic possessions and preaches others to do that as well. Aquarius being logical, strictly opposes them. 

Henceforth, it will be difficult for both the zodiac signs to maintain a friendship, no doubt they will keep hating each other for their different personalities. 

2. Aries and Leo 

As the name suggests, Leo is one such zodiac sign that tends to think of itself as the king of the zodiac signs. Well, on the other hand, Aries also represents a powerful sign. 

If a question like “which zodiac signs are sworn enemies” ever crosses your mind, you will now know the answer. Leo and Aries are two such zodiac signs who can fight each other to satisfy their egos. 

Aries has a desire to stand out from everyone else and be the first to get enlightened. This creates a clash of mentality because Leo will not let it go and try to overcome Aries. Expect a lot of shouting and yelling if you ever see a Leo and an Aries together.

3. Pisces and Aquarius 

Aquarius is an aggressive zodiac sign. They find happiness in seeing Pisces being emotionally unstable. Aquarius finds a short-lived success when Pisces can’t handle situations. 

However, Pisces tries to get straightforward answers from Aquarius, which Aquarius fails to do. This angers Pisces and eventually leads them to end up hating each other. 

Furthermore, their stars do not allow them to be friends with each other; it might be difficult for them to get along. 

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4. Scorpio and Sagittarius 

Both Scorpio and Sagittarius have sworn enemies because both of them are jealous of each other. 

Neither of them is incapable of making connections. 

Scorpio builds a relation or a strong bond by pretending and showing the false side to the world. 

On the other hand, Sagittarius makes connections through real words, showing the true side of their personality. 

The antagonism arises when they can’t tolerate each other’s way of making connections. Scorpio gets annoyed with the fact that Sagittarius is so honest around people, and Sagittarius cannot stand fake personalities.  

5. Virgo and Libra 

It is effortless for Libras to get along with other zodiac signs, but they lack a sense of belonging when it comes to Virgo. It becomes pretty difficult for both of them to bond. 

Libra is generally very fickle-minded and takes everything casually, but Virgos are hardworking and efficient in anything they do. This is the reason Virgos cannot be in contact with Libras. 

In brief, Virgos are very critical in their way of thinking and can’t stand anyone wasting their time in front of them. A change in mindset might make them compatible. 

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6. Gemini and Pisces 

Gemini is a careless zodiac sign, and Pisces has a tendency to be extremely sensitive. There is likely to be a problem of miscommunication and trust issues. 

Since Gemini is very playful, it might be an issue for Pisces as they are very emotional. The instability that exists between their personalities lowers the chance of maintaining harmony, which hinders their relations. 

Although they might be accommodating, they are never considerate of each other. They both think of themselves as superior and the ultimate, leading to a clash of egos. 

To sum up, the various decisions you take, the conflicts you are a part of, the success you achieved, or the partner you have right now, everything depends on the alignment of the elements in the birth chart. 

There is no such way in which you can change your destiny, so don’t get fooled by those astronomers who promise you impractical things for a humongous amount of money. 

To know more about “what zodiac sign is your enemy,” don’t forget to go through this article. Last but not least, I expect this article to be a caution for everyone out there, so you don’t end up fighting with the closed ones in your life.

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