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4 Best Tips For Styling Leather Jacket This Winter

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No one wants to leave their warm and fuzzy beds in the winter.

And yet, we all get up each morning, hit the road, and crawl under heaps of work. The hyperactive lives we are living these days are taking a serious toll on our minds. People are overworked, tired, and just done with their lives.

What if you get a dose of excitement in this humdrum? Be it summers or winters, keeping your style game strong each day could pump the adrenaline needed to keep you sane.

With winters around the corner, the motive of this blog is to prep you up before temps hit the lowest. You may have some nice leather coats and jackets. A couple of additions and twisted combos could help you take your style up a notch this winter. 

Let’s explore 4 tips to play with leather in your closet!

1. Work out cool styles with leather jackets

Leather jackets are evergreen. Whether it’s a black-and-white movie shot for British royalty or a modern-day Hollywood glam movie – you will find heartthrobs of the screen rocking leather jackets.

Remember, these jackets are a sign of elegance, grace, and grandeur. It gives you a perfect posh look for professional and informal occasions. However, it would help if you had a few ideas at your fingertips to learn the styling techniques. 

Here is how you can enhance the look of these jackets:

  • Make striking combos – Wearing a jacket with blue and black jeans will steal gazes everywhere you go. The best combination you can make is a white t-shirt with jeans and a maroon leather jacket above. Also, make sure you have jackets in multiple colors. You won’t be mumbling, “I don’t have anything to wear” next time. Plus, keep jeans in several colors always in the closet. 
  • Find oversized leather jackets – This means you can stuff in a few layers underneath. If the jacket rides up, doesn’t fit on the arm, or isn’t flexible, you need a better look that suits the layered attire. 
  • Accessorize wisely – Knitted winter accessories can help win the trend game and keep things cozy. Gloves, scarves, and a hat will go well with most of your pieces. Many accessories in the closet make sure you won’t throw caution to the wind and leave them behind due to a clash of colors.

If all tips seem useless, consider investing in a new leather jacket. A few favorite styles include motorcycle jackets, flight jackets, and the café racer jacket. 

Make sure you find the pieces with sufficient insulation. It is important to evaluate your needs and how much you are willing to spend. After all, you don’t need to buy items that will leave a huge hole in your pockets!

2. Style up with leather coats

The best part about leather is that it styles you with a few touches. When you scan the stores, you will discover many long and short coats ranging across the shelves. Coats can give you a decent and elegant look if you pair them with the right clothing items.

Each design has its unique appearance. Some have a distinct style that makes a person sober. Meanwhile, some ensure your entire appearance is loud and shiny. It is essential to check the feasibility of leather coats. 

Some tips for doing that are:

  • Treat the fabric if required – Read the tags on the jacket and find if it can repel the water. If it seems impossible, get the leather treated with a protectant designed for suede garments or leather. 
  • Access flexibility of the coat – Some checks are needed to have the right coat in your wardrobe. Is it big enough so you can easily fit? Is it lined well? Does it have roomy pockets? The answers to these questions will tell you if the coat will stay with you for a prolonged time.

3. Tread the trends with leather pants

Leather pants are another sign of sophistication and style. If you ever go through a winter issue of popular fashion magazines, you will find some successful actors styling up in leather pants. 

Ever since the old century to this day, leather pants have stayed in fashion. So much so that they pop up in stores year after another. People wear these pants to work and even on casual biking hangouts. Following are a few ideas you can follow to style the leather pants:

  • Add a denim shirt to the mix – Team a chic pair of leather pants with a button-up denim shirt.
  • Go for vintage t-shirts – Leather pants look ultra-cool with a vintage tee on the top.
  • Opt for the doubles – Combine leather pants with the leather jacket for a chic, biker style. Add a pair of sunnies to finalize the look.
  • Try leather pants with a long coat – Nothing looks more stylish than pairing leather pants with a long black coat and black boots. This is the shortest way to get the badass look you need to show them what you got!
  • Pick a faux fur coat with leather pants – Styling a fur coat with leather pants can take your fashion game to a new level.
  • Pair flared leather pants with basic knitwear – A fine knit coupled with flared leather pants is the ultimate casual and cool look for all.
  • Wear leather pants with colored stilettos – Team a pair of leather pants with a dark tee and colored stilettos.

4. Give a posh touch with leather accessories

Accessories can make a plain outfit look awesome. Consider investing in a classy leather hat or a cap. You can wear the leather cap with anything as it goes well with almost all attires. You should also have leather boots to complete the look on all leather combos you put on.

Make sure that the items you pick will go well with your personality.

Parting Thoughts

Leather is one material that looks good without any effort. It is essential to examine all the available options in leather and pick items that would align with your overall appearance. 

Don’t forget to share your final leather outfit looks with us!

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