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What Are The Best Things to do in The Past Time

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Past time things I have missed doing painting, reading a good book, the gym and swimming. Other things I have missed are spending quality time with family and friends, playing games of all sorts, watching movies, Saturday morning cartoons, and snowboarding.

Painting is all time-favorite

What I miss about painting is that it helped me destress and allow my creative juices to flow. When I paint, I get lost in the masterpiece of vibrant colors and expression.

With technology all around us, everyone is slowly forgetting how to enjoy the little things like reading a good book. I used to have one place I would sit and grab a good book and read. After having kids, it is not as luxurious to find the time to do so. When reading various stories, you would get lost in the story. Your imagination would make you soar to the places unknown.

Swimming, make me go WOOOW

I miss going to the gym which, gave me a sense of relaxation. It is trying to find other physical activities to do for oneself. Swimming is one of the most cherished things I miss most. When I used to go swimming, it gave me a sense of clarity to decompress and have nothing stand in my way. Swimming makes you want to be on Cloud-9.

Spending quality time with family and friends has gone from being around one another to seeing everyone virtually. Growing up, everyone made the time to be together, and now with this fast-paced lifestyle, you have to pencil everyone in an attempt to make the time. In the Lebanese culture, people would show up at the house. Now you have to call to make sure they are at home. Kids want the attention of their parents. However, when parents are on their phones, it pushes their kids away to feel unwanted.

Movies and Popcorn combo are thee best

We used to go out to the movie theatres sit next to each other. Today has changed drastically, and now able to watch movies from the comfort of your home. It makes you think about what we had growing up not to take for granted.
One past time growing up with was playing board games and going outside. Young minds are more about gaming and the streaming world. The advancements of technology today have taken away quality time.

Today, you see everyone on their phones. We are in an era where technology is taking over. Families used to sit together and have family game night. People are beginning to take the little things for granted. Seeing new developments, kids are missing out on real quality time with their parents.

Kids are also missing out on playing outside with friends until it gets dark. A great past time was rolling in the grass, exploring outdoors, and being adventurous while letting your imagination soar.

Cards have their own level-of-excitement

One thing I miss about playing card games is the laughter and joy you see when someone wins. The competition brings back a lot of memories. The fun arguments with each other of: ‘You cheated’ or ‘ No! You cheated’, were the best moments cherished.

Reliving childhood memories with 90’s cartoons

Another pastime was waking up on Saturday mornings to go to the living room and watch cartoons. Watching cartoons today is not like it was in the ’90s. In the ’90s, they had commercials on the television, where today you can record DVRs or others call them PVRs.

When having gone snowboarding in the mountains brought me peace. Being on a snowboard allows you to enjoy the serenity of the breathtaking views. Snowboarding helps you to forget all the daily life worries. When you reach the top of the mountain, you find a new path, the journey of reaching the bottom, to achieving your goal. On the way down, you will fall, so you pick yourself up and keep going down the hill.

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