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The Enemy of an Entrepreneur is SLACK

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What I hate about slack as an entrepreneur is that personally, slack is like taking someone around the same circle over and over again. Where can you possibly go by circling around the same path? As an entrepreneur, your growth is in your journey, not going around in circles. When you allow “slack” to enter your entrepreneurial journey, I guarantee you frustration and stagnation are close by. Being “slack” as an entrepreneur will only slow you down. Everything you do must be intentional and professional. What I hate about slack is not only will you miss opportunities, but also personal development. Being an entrepreneur is not just about grinding to make your product or service a success, but also being the best YOU possible. If you’re slack, you’re not 100% personally and professionally. If you’re slack, you are too loose with your business and your mindset.

Let’s talk about mindset for a moment. As an entrepreneur having a mindset that is focused, sharp, and energized is imperative to the growth of your business—a lot of what we do and do not do starts with the mind. You may not agree with this, but even the foods we eat and the things we listen to, as an entrepreneur, impacts our mindset. You can’t have an “I don’t care” approach but expect others to invest.

The action and or activity of being slack also exudes in your energy. When you are slack, it shows in your character, personality, and behavior. What I also hate about slack is it blocks your creative flow! Everything comes to a halt.

As entrepreneurs, we know how imperative it is for our creativity to come alive. We cannot depend on family or friends to keep that momentum going. Trust me, when you are not giving your best, you are performing below average. As entrepreneurs, we are not purposed for average. When you are not on top of your game, it is strenuous to organically allow ideas and concepts to flow easily.

“Slack” as an entrepreneur is such a strategy choker and is not a friend to your growth and success as an entrepreneur!

As this year comes to a close, be honest with yourself. If you really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, slack is something you must not only be aware of but also must deal with it. Did you allow “slack” to slow you down? Did you really give your best in what you believe in? Are you ready to make a change moving forward? Are you ready to delete the word “slack” from your entrepreneurial dictionary? I challenge you for the New Year to create a mindset, work ethic, and energy that will keep being “slack” where it belongs, far away from your personal and professional development.

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