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How Would Each Zodiac Sign Behave on Vacation

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It’s summer break, and people are planning holidays worldwide with their family or friends. Some might also be preparing for a solo trip.

Here’s a fun fact: did you know that no matter what destination you choose, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about how you are going to behave on your vacation?

When you know yourself, you can plan the perfect vacation. If you’re a fire sign, for example, you might be attracted to the sense and sensibility of an Aries . . . or you might want a trip that fits your independent Sagittarius spirit.

Read on to know how different zodiac signs act on vacations. This might even help you plan an apt leisure per your travel partner’s sign. 

1. Aries

Aries are addicted to adrenaline. You cannot sit on the beach reading a book or sunbathing. To stay busy, you have to go parasailing, jump off cliffs, or swim with sharks (I admit this might be an exaggeration.) Otherwise, you feel like your vacation has been ruined.

2. Taurus

You are a planner. You have an itinerary with schedules and activities. You will be surprised when someone causes you to fall out of your schedule, and it won’t be a pleasant surprise. You want to make sure you have enough time for everything you want to do.

3. Gemini

You are that indecisive friend everyone is afraid of. When asked, you never know where or what you want to eat or what you feel like doing, so you let someone else make a plan. You often change your mind several times when presented with too many options.

4. Cancer

You are the mother of the group, in the sense that you always take care of everyone. You’re the one who makes sure everyone eats well and puts on sunscreen. You carry the bandages and Advil in your bag (along with what others give you to handle). You make sure everyone is having a good time.

5. Leo

You are a photographer. You stop every few steps to take photos of the monuments, the flowers, and of course, yourself. You’ll never leave a vacation without a full roll.

6. Virgo

You are a great workaholic. Even on vacation, you keep checking your email and making work phone calls. It would be best to have fun, but you can’t stay away from your work. You need to set professional boundaries and learn about work-life balance.

7. Libra

You are a fashionista. You are the one who carries multiple suitcases even on a 3-day vacation, and all of them are full of cute outfits because you want to take great vacation photos to post on Instagram.

You and Leo would make good traveling partners. Leos are photographers, and you love to pose. 

8. Scorpio

You are a social butterfly. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and tell the waiter your entire life story even before the appetizers come. You make friends around the world. You may not be able to keep in touch with them when you get home, but add them to your social networks.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians, you might not like hearing this, but you are a complainer. Even when you are in the most beautiful places in the world, you will find reasons to complain. It may be too hot or too cold. The line may be too long. Maybe your phone is dying. Something is always wrong for you. 

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are real investigators. You are enthusiastic about discovering everything about the place you are visiting. You couldn’t stop learning new signs, picking up brochures, and reading interesting Google fun facts wherever you go.

11. Aquarius

You are a comfortable person. It doesn’t matter if you look like a tourist. You wear your most comfortable shoes, fanny packs, and floppy hats. You are more interested in being prepared than looking cute.

12. Pisces

You are the love bird of the zodiac signs. You engage in PDA with your partner without worrying about who is looking at you. And if you’re single, you flirt with bartenders, waiters, and complete strangers. You get especially bold when you are in a new place because you know you’ll never see anyone again.

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