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From Virgo to Pisces, These are The 6 Grumpiest Zodiac Signs

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Let’s be honest: Not everyone is always happy; some people are a bit more pessimistic than others. Maybe they easily get too bored or exhausted, or nothing seems to make them smile.

If you’re wondering why your friends and even loved ones always seem a little hostile, astrology can provide answers. Read on to discover the six most moody signs.

1. Virgo

Being Single And Happy

Virgos are very polite until things go wrong. This sign can only get annoying if it feels that people are not listening. Virgos have high expectations and tend to be readily dissatisfied and disappointed when things are not done right.

This sign is “the most pressing and self-critical sign, and these people often stay unhappy because they always find something to complain about.

In general, Virgo gets annoyed even with the smallest of things. This sign gets peeved when things are out of place. If you live with Virgo, don’t leave the dishes in the sink. They will surely be a little more cheerful if you take care of the hygiene.

2. Cancer

Mentally & Emotionally Strong

Cancerians are emotional people. In other words, when someone hurts Cancer or their loved ones, they get angry. They are crabby (just like their sign) and may have a hard shell to protect themselves.

If you have a Cancerian friend and you annoy them, do not expect conflicts. Instead, they tend to calm down and withdraw from others when in a bad mood. When they get grumpy, they can be up and down, immature, sarcastic, and hide how they really feel.

3. Pisces

Meditation is an incredible tool for achieving emotional well-being. It offers a sense of calm, inner peace, and balance that benefits your overall health.

Like Cancer, these water signs are also emotional and sensitive, which can lead to a “sullen mood.”

Pisces can completely withdraw from a person if they get upset with them. So if this sign is prickly, it’s because “someone mistreated them,” and they’re holding it on.

4. Capricorn


Capricorns always aim to do their best and expect others to work as hard as they do. They get grouchy when the people around them don’t work hard. This can be especially difficult when working with Capricorn.

The sign has a reputation for being “solemn and lonely,” which can lead them to build a successful business, but they are often considered boring. Because of their intense focus, Capricorn can be impatient with confusion and nonsense that interferes with their schedule.

Don’t be surprised if they give you some side-way when you slack off.

5. Aquarius

Steps to Achieving Personal Empowerment

Aquarians expect others to act exactly as they wish and, more importantly, to agree with them on their ideas. It leads to disappointment when friends and family express different opinions. They have strong feelings for everything and are often disappointed when people fail to live up to their high expectations.

This sign is perfectly cheerful, but when they are stressed, and things go wrong, they tend to blow up their temper, which can be quite salty and bitter.”

6. Scorpio

Why Do We Shout When We Are Angry

This Mars-dominated sign is “prone to impatience, and they can readily see where things, people, and situations can be improved. They can be difficult people because they are always looking to improve. It doesn’t help that they hate small talk, making them cranky around those who don’t know them. Not all Scorpions are angry. They just have a vested interest in excellence and need friends who understand.

Scorpios are known for sometimes slipping into a dark and introspective state, especially if they want to be alone. If Scorpio says they need some time, it’s best to do it because the chances are that they could be ultra-irritable.

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