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Cancer To Capricorn: The 3 Most Unforgiving Zodiac Signs

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Do you believe in “forgive and forget,” or are you the type to hold grudges? For the most part, people go back and forth depending on the situation. Admittedly, it’s easier to forgive your sister for staining your blouse than a friend for stealing money from you. 

All of us feel anger, hurt, betrayal, and other negative emotions. These may linger, and we may cling to them for a while, but most of us will put things behind us and let go after. However, there are those who have difficulty moving on from infractions committed against them. 

Some believe that this personality is actually related to our zodiac traits. Indeed, some zodiac signs seem to find it challenging to let go of mistakes and start anew. 

So, in this article, we will be discussing which zodiac signs often find difficult to forgive.


A water sign ruled by the moon, Cancers are sensitive and emotional; they can be fluid, making them moody and easily disturbed. It’s quite easy to notice when they are holding a grudge against you. You’ll notice that they become brooding and resentful.


They are said to be easily upset by small slights committed to them and their kin. They’re also very dutiful and family-oriented. Protective of those they love, Cancers will never forgive anyone who harms their family and friends. When ticked off, these seemingly peaceful people will not hesitate to unleash their claws. 

On the other hand, they can also turn on those they’re attached to whenever they feel that those around them don’t match their love and dedication. It ruffles their feathers when their loved ones are not as present and encouraging as they want them to be.

Cancers can have very high expectations for themselves, which they can project on others. This can easily cause them to feel let down. They do not easily give second chances; those who receive them are watched carefully. They will wait for you to betray them again and will not hesitate to mention your past transgressions. 


Capricorns are often stereotyped as the straight and narrow zodiac sign. They’re usually seen as straightforward and undemanding. They are very reliable and diligent; most are thought to be serious and sometimes even unapproachable. 


This earth sign places great importance on their reputation; they are very dedicated to keeping the respect of those around them, so they strive to maintain a good name. Remember not to get in their way because they do not take kindly to those who interfere with their plans.

Capricorns are very dignified; they will not tolerate mind games, immaturity or disrespect, and two-faced and manipulative behavior. They disapprove of liars and hypocrites as they have a lot of self-respect and see themselves above all those. Whenever anyone in their circle persists with those kinds of behavior, Capricorns will feel betrayed and hurt.

They’re not the type to make a scene, yell, or sulk. They would rather remove you from their sphere of influence, slowly spending less time and energy on you. They can seem ruthless because they want a clean break and will leave you behind if they see the need. They believe that it is not their responsibility to fix anyone. They may wish for you to become a better person, but they will not join you in your journey. 


Considered to be one of the most mysterious signs, Scorpios are usually seen as aloof and tough. Many do not know that these are the only fronts they keep up. In truth, they can be quite vulnerable, especially when it comes to emotions. They hold emotions dearly and cannot cope with those who disregard them and their emotions. Lies and betrayals can quite wound them.


Scorpios rarely let things go. Your past transgressions stick with them for a very long time. They may cling to negative emotions for years and take their time to exact revenge on those who have wronged them.

Appropriately symbolized by the Scorpion, those born with this zodiac sign are masters of vengeance. They will sting you when they see fit. All infractions are taken personally; therefore, getting back at you becomes a personal mission. The way they carry their revenge is also quite personal. They will find what hurts you most, and they will use it.

This water sign is not just brutal and unforgiving; they can also be ruthless. They will blindside you with surprising power plays. Not one to be made a fool of, they are not afraid to destroy relationships to get the better of their opponents.

When dealing with the zodiac sign the least likely to forgive, remember that “Hell hath no fury as a Scorpio scorned.” 


Negative emotions are part of life. We should all let ourselves feel our emotions, whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, or betrayal. They are there to guide us and help us decide what to do next and how to deal with others. 

Knowing if your zodiac sign is prone to hold grudges can be quite valuable. It can help you understand yourself better and possibly even explain why you behave the way you do. 

Remember that your zodiac sign is only a part of you. There are many facets of yourself that make you unique and special. Whether your sign is written above or not, you should pay attention to what you and others feel.

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