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The Biggest FEAR Of Each Zodiac Sign Revealed

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We all fear one or the other thing. Even if we pretend that we have overcome that fear, still deep down, we all can feel the terror it brings to us. For some, it’s an emotion, and for others, it’s a person that scares them the most.

 A fear factor for one might seem like a joke to you and vice versa. At the same point, some people might still be unaware if they even have a phobia or not. 

So today, we are here to shed some light on the darkest phobias you all possess according to your zodiac signs!

ARIES (Asthenophobia: Fear of Weakness)

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Aries, you are the most competent of all the other zodiac signs, so it won’t be a surprise if you fear losing your strength. You are always filled with energy, and a drop in that energy will be a drop in all of your personality.

TAURUS (Metathesiophobia: Fear of Change)

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Oh, my dear Taureans, you are practical and respect stability with a proper routine, but what if one day you have to give it all up and start afresh? Can you feel the goosebumps just by the thought of it? We know you are stubborn, but this time, you’ll accept the fact that you hate changes.

GEMINI (Neophobia: Fear of Boredom)

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The Jack of All Trades, by nature, just can’t keep your energy low; you need to be stimulated intellectually every minute. So all you fear is just lying around and doing nothing. It will kill you, and you know, you are terrified by that scenario.

CANCER (Athazagoraphobia: Fear of Being Ignored)

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You love everyone; you care about everything, but what if you don’t get included in their company or just get ignored without reason. Your faith will be devastated. That devotion for others, when taken for granted, will haunt you every now and then.

LEO (Social Phobia: Fear of Public Humiliation)

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If the king of the jungle gets disrespected, will he ever be able to cope with it? You love to be the house of the party, so getting presented badly in front of others will bring you down, obviously. 

You might have the best comebacks, but surely you’ll avoid a situation like that at all costs.

VIRGO (Autophobia: Fear of Being Undesirable)

Types of Friendships

The delicate and sensitive Virgos, your heart will shatter down into small pieces if someone tells you that you are unwanted to them. No, there’s nothing wrong with you, but sometimes it’s so hard to read you that people give up on you. 

LIBRA (Decidophobia: Fear of Making Decisions)

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Decisiveness is not in your dictionary, to be very honest, and you know it really well. And when you are given a responsibility to make a choice, you run away from it. You just wish that you never fall in those shoes of decision-makers. It terrifies you at some next level altogether.

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SCORPIO (Proditiophobia: Fear of Betrayal)

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Being mysterious like you is not easy, but when you share your inner thoughts with others, and they leave you with all the promises unkept, you are all stranded and just can’t stand the fact of trusting another one ever. 

SAGITTARIUS (Philophobia: Fear of Emotional Attachment)

Emotional Baggage

This one has to be your fear only. You don’t want to settle down; you thrive each day to get more exposure and can’t really stabilize your emotions for others. You are more of a flirtation person than a relationship one. You fear getting involved with someone emotionally.

CAPRICORN (Atychiphobia: Fear of Failure)

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How will you react if I tell you that you didn’t succeed in that exam for which you studied day and night? You might faint. 

Yes, Capricorns, you are goal setters, but your hard work going in vain will only bring you terror and pain.

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AQUARIUS (Claustrophobia: Fear of Closed Spaces)

Rebellious Thing

Do we really need to define this one? Fear of not being able to breathe properly and that too for an air sign like yours will give you chills straight away. You need space in every aspect, not just the rooms. You’ll suffocate if someone holds you back. Isn’t that the fact your relationship doesn’t work quite often?

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PISCES (Dystychiphobia: Fear of Accidents)

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Your imagination can help you build unrealistic incidents that sometimes you wander down the wrong path. You can’t lose the one you love. So you fear death. Accidents are just a way to some unfortunate events, and you’d never want that to happen to anyone.

If your zodiac sign brought you some great qualities, it also did come with some disadvantages as well, causing you to know nothing is just good.

Well, that’s it for this time; hopefully, now you must be aware of the fear that your zodiac sign brings to you naturally. And we believe that anyone who wants to do it with a strong will and courage can overcome their fears.

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