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3 Home Remedy Ideas That Help You Fall Asleep Easier and Faster

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Hoping you fall asleep faster and easier has many of us searching for home remedies that soothe and are easy to come by.

Are you already thinking about getting a good night’s sleep tonight?

Sleep is one of the most important activities we can do for ourselves because that is when we replenish and rejuvenate our tired bodies as well as gaining insight through dreams into our pasts, present, and future!  

Some home remedy ideas are taking a warm salt and baking soda bath; pouring a full container of iodized table salt and a box of baking soda into warm water while fully immersing yourself for 10-15 minutes. Getting your face and hair wet is important, so all the stress and heavy energies from the last few months are neutralized, leaving you feeling cleansed before sleeping. While in the bath, mentally say all worries and anything that has been troubling you so those can be released as well.

It is recommended to not rinse off before getting out of the bath; instead, air dry or wrap your body and hair in a towel and sit quietly, thanking yourself for this healing and special quiet time. Heading to bed right afterward is best. You can rinse off salt and baking soda from your hair in the morning…

Home Remedy To Fall Asleep Calmly:

Journaling before bed is a good remedy for a busy mind that is still going from earlier in the day. This is putting your thoughts for the day to paper, thus allowing the mind to empty itself or complete any loops that are repetitive. Once journaling is done, it is good to rip up the paper since these aren’t noted you need to keep. You can also take a moment after getting into bed and go through a quick list of what you are thankful for and what went well that day! This can be a quick 20 seconds of gratitude that wires your brain for restful sleep.  

a. Essential oils are very relaxing and can induce feelings of calm and serenity…essential oils work directly with the nervous system and the brain. Some comforting oils are Lavender, Chamomile, Stress Away, and Palo Santo that has a rich woodsy smell.

Some oils can be dotted on the bottoms of your feet. While others can be used in a small spray bottle diluted with coconut oil and distilled water for your pillows and bedding. Essential oils can also be placed into room diffusers. 

Drinking warm non-caffeinated herbal tea before bed, such as chamomile, green tea that contains theanine, earl grey tea that contains bergamot orange properties, and peppermint based teas, can be sleep-inducing. 

Learning the five pressure points for insomnia can be helpful. Pressure points can be combined with a gentle massage.

b. Soothing music and guided meditations are helpful. Find a meditation that speaks to you or for a current issue you are having; listening to it for a few nights in a row or until your “problem” has subsided is helpful. There are meditations set to music for relationships, career, money, etc.  

c. Evaluating your sleep environment/ routine should not be overlooked; is the temperature comfortable? Are there noises to be buffered or lighting that is distracting? Is there a pet or child wanting your attention? Reflect on your current routine and see where loving changes need to be made. 

The most important remedy of all to having a better night’s sleep is a positive mindset. The decision of “I will have a better night’s sleep.” Avoid the trap of getting caught up in all the reasons or excuses that have prevented you before.

Every night is a decision of how you want to fall asleep; using some of the above suggestions or a combination of them will bring a peaceful ending to your day. 

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