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15 Easy Style Tips That Will Make You Look Younger

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Time flies and in the blink of an eye, we realize that we’re not that young anymore. While rather than the number of candles on your cake, what matters is how you’re feeling on the inside, it’s only natural to want to look younger.

Thankfully, there are so many ways to do this – in fact, how we dress and style ourselves can greatly influence how we’re perceived. While you don’t have to blindly follow every single trend that comes along, there are certain things that are simply out of fashion today.

Here are 15 style tips that will help you look younger.

1. Find the perfect pair of jeans

Jeans never go out of fashion and are a part of all our wardrobes. What kind of jeans you are wearing can be a telltale sign of your age, though. Regardless of the model, which you should choose according to your body type, the important thing is that your jeans fit you perfectly. Make sure they are not too tight but follow your silhouette nicely. Don’t go for jeans that are too stretchy as they might sag. 

2. Show just the right amount of skin

There are two style mistakes women tend to make. They either stop showing any skin at all when they reach a certain age or end up overcompensating and showing a bit too much. Bundling up too much will not make you look young, but you should remain tasteful at the same time. Try showing off your legs or your shoulders!

3. Make your outfits more colorful

As we age, we become a bit more conservative in our wardrobe choices. However, make sure your wardrobe does not turn into Fifty Shades of Grey. Bring some youthful color to your outfits with a bright piece of clothing and draw attention to your best asset.

4. Pick the right print

Prints are encouraged. They can bring some playfulness into your ensemble, however, be careful when picking the one for you. Big, loud prints might not do you a favor. Instead, go for more sophisticated small prints that won’t make your figure visually larger.

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5. Ditch ugly footwear

After a certain age, we tend to gravitate towards comfortable footwear that is less than attractive, to put it nicely. However, the wrong pair of shoes can really make you look older than you actually are – even more so if you’ve been wearing those for years and they have seen better days. Try to combine comfort with fashion and pay attention to the impression your shoes make.

6. Sneakers for a fresh look

Speaking of footwear, a great way to combine comfort with attractive looks would be getting a solid pair of sneakers. Athleisure is a trend that is here to stay and wearing sneakers with skirts, for instance, is more than allowed today.

7. Don’t bury your figure

Another one of the top styling mistakes women make that makes them look older is certainly wearing baggy clothes. Form-fitting clothes will make you look much younger regardless of the size you wear, so don’t hide your silhouette but rather, define it.

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8. Consider shapewear

If you are not confident enough to switch to form-fitting clothes right away, no need to worry. That is what shapewear is for. You don’t have to save your shapewear for special occasions – it can become part of your everyday wardrobe and make you look so much younger! Get quality shapewear that is breathable and it won’t feel uncomfortable.

9. Buy a good, supportive bra

Speaking of what’s underneath your clothes, the next tip you should follow if you want to look your best at any age is getting rid of your old, worn-out bras. Buying a high-quality, supportive bra that is just the right fit is paramount. It is almost unbelievable just how many women are wearing the wrong size bra every day. The right underwear will improve your figure and feel more comfortable, so make no compromises in this question.

10. Don’t shy away from stripes

Making your wardrobe more youthful does not have to be complicated. Sometimes, as little as a classic, a striped T-shirt can do the trick. A striped shirt is casual and playful, and it can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. As long as you stick to narrow stripes, you won’t have to worry about it making you look wider. 

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11. Switch up your hairstyle

Your outfits are not the only thing you should change up from time to time. Your hairstyle might also not be doing you a favor in terms of making you look young. Make things more interesting by wearing your hair in different dos – a simple ponytail can immediately shave off a few years.

12. Go for a warm hair color

Speaking of your hairstyle, you should know that choosing the right hair color can also make you look younger. Typically, warmer tones are recommended for this purpose, but speak to your hairstylist and come up with the perfect color!

13. Don’t go overboard with accessories

Another mistake you might be making has to do with your accessories. If you are a fan of accessorizing, you might enjoy wearing several large, statement pieces at the same time. This is not recommended, especially if you don’t want to draw attention to certain areas, such as your neck. Sticking to sleek, neutral pieces is a much better choice, for instance, a pair of dangly silver earrings or a subtle nose piercing will do the job just fine.

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14. Steer clear of scarves

For the same reason as to why you should avoid statement necklaces, bright scarves might also not be the best choice. It is often said that they make one look like a flight attendant, and that is certainly not the effect you want to achieve. 

15. Pick the right glasses

Finally, if you are sporting eyeglasses, choosing the right frames is paramount for a youthful look. Small glasses with thin frames might not be the best. However, your face shape plays an important role in picking the right glasses for you, so don’t just follow trends blindly.

The devil is sometimes in the details, and changing up just a few small styling habits of yours can make a big difference. Hopefully, these tips will come in handy!

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