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13 Women Entrepreneurs Reveal The Morning Routine Behind Their Success

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Every woman entrepreneur’s morning routine is different. Some prefer a good run, while some perform yoga. At the same time, others jumped directly to social media, perhaps while lying on the bed only. While some women entrepreneurs enjoy their morning cup of coffee with reading their favorite book.

Morning hours for every woman entrepreneur is a whirlwind of tasks. Doing plenty of things altogether, responding to important emails while brushing up the to-do list, and making the groceries list.

To be a women entrepreneur, following a morning routine that keeps them calm and productive throughout the day is very important. 

We talked to some successful women entrepreneurs, revealing the secrets of how they jumpstart their morning to keep them energetic and thoughtful the entire day. 

How successful women entrepreneurs start their morning? 

Successful women entrepreneurs strictly follow a morning routine to keep themselves on track with maintaining a healthy balance of family-work life.

It should be noted; every woman is a master in their industry—some practice Yoga at 6:30 am, followed by healthy breakfast at 7:00 am. So, whether you are a doctor, media mogul, CEO, designer, or business coach, having a productive morning routine should be your vital ingredient to the secret sauce. 

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Pro Tip- Reading in the morning is one top secret of women entrepreneurs. Reading is beneficial to get educational information, and it also helps in self-development. One should definitely invest their morning time in reading.  

My morning involve a thirty-minute meditation and thirty minutes of Yoga, Alina Clark CocoDoc

  • My morning starts really early- at around 5 am.
  • It involves a thirty-minute meditation and thirty minutes of yoga before I make breakfast for the family. Exercising and meditation make my morning start ticking.
  • I don’t have a fixed exercise regime- I basically do as much as my body can take at the time.
  • I don’t answer emails or touch my devices until after breakfast. This ensures that I’m not stressed by anything before eating.
  • Every morning, I also say a positive affirmation to myself- “I’m more than my circumstances currently dictate” works great for me. It gets me going despite all the challenges.
  • Reading completes the morning, and currently, I am reading is – Leo Tolstoy’s “A Calendar of Wisdom,” the wisdom packed within the pages is immense. It’s profound and equally awakening. It gets me rolling each day most definitely.

Start the day, with making your bed, Ria, a Gen Z woman of color entrepreneur, and the founder of Bolt Active 

  • As an entrepreneur, my morning is very habitual.
  • I start my day productively by making my bed first thing in the morning.
  • Making your bed is subconsciously already setting you up for success because your first task for the day is already complete. 
  • After this task, I positively affirm that “today will be a good day” to bring positive energy in order to get productive work done. However, affirmations resonate differently for everyone, so positively affirm whatever you need to.
  • I jump start my day through exercise, weightlifting is what I prefer, but any physical activity will better your overall well-being, therefore improving your work quality! 
  • The book I am reading is – Tim Ferriss’s “The 4 Hour Work Week” that book explains the best ways to maximize your time and productivity and start living life with financial freedom.
  • All in all, morning routines are vital for someone without a 9-5 schedule in order to have structure, and this is how I go about mine.

Morning Coffee and a healthy breakfast is what jumpstarts my day Kelly Shoul, In Love and Adventure – Elopement Photography

  • Being an entrepreneur can be challenging because there is no one telling you what you should be doing.
  • Making your own schedule and staying on task can be a struggle if you haven’t found what works for you. For me, doing my morning routine is what jump starts my morning. 
  • I wake up, have my morning coffee and breakfast. Do my stretches for my legs, back, and posture, then take a few minutes to myself and do something I enjoy.
  • I find it’s a great way to start my day and to have a brighter outlook on what’s to come. 
  • After taking those few minutes to myself, I get dressed for the day. Then I sit down and use a physical planner and write down my workday schedule. For me, I’ve found that using a psychical planner where I can write down and plan my weeks/days is super motivating and keeps me on task and ultimately keeps me happy! 
  • As I complete each task, I check it off, and it’s a small but rewarding way to keep myself motivated and stay on task.
  • The book I am reading is- For me, I really enjoy fictional books with characters that make me laugh. Currently, I’m reading The House in the Cerulean Seas by TJ Klune.

I got up even before the sunrise, Sophia Benhaddou, founder of Excelway.

  • My morning routine is extremely important to set my day on the right track.
  • I wake up when it’s still a bit dark, no matter the season. I hear the birds sing and drink my coffee while watching the sunrise. Most days, I meditate for 10 min.
  • While drinking coffee, I use a stream of consciousness journaling to clear my mind and reflect on my goals. 
  • I usually write about what happened the day before and how I can make this new day even better.
  • Once my goals and tasks are written down. I go through each one of them with the affirmation, ‘Today, it is possible to…Today, I get to… Today, I have the honor to…”. I then enjoy the feeling of having this world of possibilities lying ahead of me. 
  • Once there is enough natural light, I walk around the garden. I make sure that all the plants have what they need: water, space, and soil.
  • I keep this nurturing attitude as long as possible during the day. It helps me deepen my relationships with my clients and staff. After that, I go for a shower: the perfect transition to an ambitious workday. 
  • Although I’ve been working from home, I make sure that I dress and look in a way that I love and that makes me feel powerful. I then eat breakfast while listening to a podcast. 
  • My favorites books: Strategic Mindset with Elizabeth Salazar, The Joyful Marketing Podcast with Simone Grace, Recode Decode / Decoder with Lara Swisher. 

No to phone in the morning helps me better prioritize my thoughts, Eden Cheng Founder, WeInvoice

  • Every morning, I usually avoid reaching for my phone the first thing in the morning.
  • The reason I do this is that it allows me to better prioritize my thoughts and stay open-minded instead of letting my inbox dictate what requires my attention.
  • I often then start performing short exercises for about 15 minutes, then take the time to make a healthy breakfast. 
  • This often consists of healthy vegetables and a good helping of protein like eggs. This often comes paired with coffee or juice, which I find to be an excellent combination that makes up a healthy and refreshing morning diet. Moreover, while I eat my breakfast, I read a few pages of my favorite book, 
  • The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday to keep inspired. Once I am done eating, I also take a few minutes to quietly think about the things I’m grateful for and how much progress I’ve made in both my personal and professional life.
  • After that, I reach out for my phone and open the Notes and Mail app, where I start to see what agendas I have waiting for me and then write down my goals for the day as well as the tasks that I need to accomplish that day and finally get started.

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Start the day with transcendental meditation, Divya Gugnani, WanderBeauty 

  • As an entrepreneur and mom of two, mornings can be crazy. While every day is different, it helps to have a basic core routine so the rest of your day can fall into place. I utilize time blocking, so I can do deep work and give 100% to my priority tasks. 
  • I start my day with ginger water and transcendental meditation to calm my mind and body and give me the strength I need to focus for the day. Ginger water is anti-inflammatory, filled with antioxidants, and helps ease digestion. 
  • I have a personal mantra that was assigned to me by my transcendental meditation instructor when I first started practicing.
  • I actually prefer reading at night. It’s a great way for me to unwind after a busy day 

Start the day with a proactive mindset, Leah The Box Co

  • What’s overwhelming as an entrepreneur is that there are so many things I could do; it’s really important I identify where to focus each day to stay productive.
  • Every morning, I write a goal like it’s already happened, i.e., “I’m so grateful The Comeback Box has helped 10K people feel stronger and that they see the impact in their lives.”
  • I then review my weekly to-do list. Go for a walk to choose the three most important things to accomplish that day. 
  • Creating a work/life balance has also been one of my biggest challenges as a new founder. I built The Comeback Box to help people take care of themselves, and then I launched my company and stopped taking care of myself.
  • So, at 6 pm, I now read a card from the box and do the daily self-care experience to ensure I’m spending at least 5 min/day on myself and my life. I do this at 6 pm to create a stopping point for work and then follow with a sunset walk to reflect on the day.
  • Also, I read books before bed to create another boundary with my screens and optimize my sleep.
  • I choose books that are not business-related. Otherwise, my imagination gets reignited before bed about all the ways to incorporate what I’m learning into my business. Currently, I’m reading Man’s Search for Meaning.

Avoiding social media is important to start a productive day, Isabella, Medical Education Influencer at TheBrazilianMD

  • When I am working from home, I love to start my day productive since it sets the tone for the rest of my day.
  • For this reason, I find it very important to wake up when the alarm goes off for the first time. To help with this, I always place my phone far away from me, so I have to get up to turn the alarm off.
  • I try never to use the snooze button – if I am feeling too tired, I take a shower straight away to help my body wake up and keep up with me. 
  • Most of the time, I avoid social media for the first hour, make myself some coffee and sit at my working desk. Sitting there automatically makes my brain realize it is time to work and focus.
  • I like to place my cell phone in another room or far away from my sight to make sure I will work uninterrupted and clear-minded. I have some post-its on my wall with my goals, and I like to read them out loud in the morning to remind myself I can do it.
  • If I have an important meeting, I like to do 2-3 minutes of “power pose” before it starts, so I can be more confident and show this to whoever is on the other side. 
  • Finally, I’ve been reading Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. I like starting my day learning more about myself and others, hope to cope with my own emotions, and understanding people’s minds better.
  • This helps me be more open to any kind of obstacles I might face during the day because I understand where it is coming from and what makes the other person act the way they do.

I plan my next day, the night before, Jenny Bater-Sinclair, Founder of Hip Hop Pop Ltd

  • As an entrepreneur, my morning is always well planned and prepared for.
  • The night before each workday, my workout clothes are ready on my exercise mat, my breakfast bowl and mug are by the kettle, my work clothes hang ready, and my notes for the next day’s projects are in order on my desk. 
  • My morning begins with 90 minutes of self-care: I begin with Peloton guided yoga or a Spin session and short gratitude meditation, followed by saying four affirmations, one of which is ‘My abilities are endless, I have no limits.’ I finish my pre-work morning with a nutritious breakfast, including fruit, nuts, and seeds, then soak in the shower; I’m in the office by 9 am feeling focused and energized. I sometimes read Mind. Body. Miracle. by Jaclyn Dunne in the morning, a down-to-earth, holistic health advice book, setting my Mind on a positive and focused path for the day.
  • Get a thick skin, fast! There will be many in your personal and business life who will not understand your passion and vision for your start-up. Ignore the haters and any close-mindedness. 20 years ago someone said to me ‘you’d never be able to run your own company, 20 years later, who runs the award-winning company now? Me!
  • Time blocking is key for me to juggle multiple projects in my workday. I manage my time according to my values and what my most focused times of day are.
  • And, I block my time in hourly slots; I do my high-priority work in the first 2 hours of the day when I’m most focused, mid-low priority work throughout the rest of the day, ending with a sweep of my inbox and setting my time blocks and needed materials for the next day.

I start the day with writing a Journal, Megan Sumrell, Time management Coach

  • A great morning routine sets you up for the day!
  • My morning routine starts with waking up before my family and drinking a full glass of water. I take our dogs out for a walk first thing, and that gives me time to let my brain wake up and get my blood flowing.
  • After that, I make a cup of coffee, review my plan for the day and then spend about 5 minutes with my favorite prompting journal. 
  • I spent 10 minutes quickly processing my inbox from the night before (this reduces any anxiety for my personality type), and then I head out for a run.
  • Running is a time to listen to my favorite podcasts and work on personal development. After that, it’s time to get ready for the day and then wake up the family!

A small workout keeps me positive all day, Miranda Vinpit, Founder of VinPit

  • Since we are still trying to put down the roots of our business in this competitive scenario, being an entrepreneur comes with an enormous load of duties and commitments.
  • And I must confess, some days are really tough. 
  • However, I do not let anything ruin my morning which is usually peaceful. I follow a simple rule “not looking at the phone immediately after waking up.” I take my time preparing the day’s routine, recalling the previous day’s events, and exercising. 
  • A small workout keeps me positive all day, and I get the inspiration to work with the best of my capabilities. Since I’m also a book-lover, I like to read at least something in the morning.
  • My all-time favorite is “Alchemist,” as it has many inspirational quotes that fill me with motivation to start with the day’s hustles. I believe that I’m my most prominent critic and always review my actions.
  • On the one hand, my failures let me know what mistakes I shouldn’t repeat in the future, and on the other, my success provides me with the affirmations that I need to carry on with my endeavor. 

Love to spend morning time, with family, Caroline Lee, Marketing Director Cocosign

  • My morning is quite normal, as I like to spend time with my family.
  • Along with going over the to-do list, I have my morning drink. An hour of workout keeps me energized. I kick-start my morning with some sort of exercise, and I believe that is what keeps me going the whole day.
  • It keeps me positive and energized, and I have seen a drastic change in my lifestyle with half an hour of workout.  
  • The only affirmation I say to myself is I can do anything if I work for it. And, the book I love is ‘How to win friends and influence people.’ It really motivates me.  

Coffee, Acoustic Music and Journaling, my simple morning ritual, Amy Salinger, Stylemethodnyc

  • As an entrepreneur starting my day off right is extremely important.
  • I learned a while ago that jumping into work immediately does not help with extended productivity. I do not even check my emails (unless there is something very important going on) until after my morning ritual. Being fully present for my rituals is what makes my entire day so successful.
  • I begin with making a cup of coffee, curling up in my egg chair, lighting a candle, putting on some acoustic music, and journaling. Letting anything pour out of me both important and unimportant. It’s just about getting what’s in my head out on paper. Not only does it release that inner voice from bothering me all day, but I come to some amazing realizations (both personally and professionally) about how to tackle both small and big things in my life. I try to meditate 2-3 times a week with no timer set. This is a hard practice for me, but well worth it.               
  • I always thank the Universe for whatever it brings me. I often repeat a mantra when I meditate, “I am strong, I am open.” This reminds me to surrender to the Universe and go with what is being presented to me. If I have learned anything throughout 2020, it is that the Universe clearly has a bigger plan for me and definitely knows better than I do what I need and how to get there.
  • Current book-obsession: I love (and always go back to) “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. It just puts everything in perspective. I also regularly listen to Joe Dispenza on Youtube. 

Start the day with listening to Positive Affirmations, Kara Latta, CFO of The Playful Warrior

  • My morning is defined by a consistent morning routine.
  • I put my phone on airplane mode for the first 1.5 hours of my day and lock myself out of all my apps using screen time (except for my voice notes and music). I start my morning by listening to a recording of myself saying self-love affirmations.
  • One of my favourites is: I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, and I inspire those around me to do the same. I love reading passages from Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ to tap into my creativity. Also, I also do what she calls ‘morning pages.
  • I write for three pages unfiltered to see what comes out. When we wake up, we are most connected to our subconscious mind, and this is when some of my most creative ideas come out.
  • I also write what I’m grateful for. I then end my morning routine with a playful activity to energize myself for my day ahead. This may include dancing in the kitchen, doing a quick painting, or doodling.
  • Once I’m done with my morning routine, I complete my biggest priority of the day, or as Mark Twain called this, “I eat the frog.”
  • This means you do the most important thing that you don’t have the motivation to do, so it gets done. If I don’t do it first, I’ll procrastinate the whole day and won’t be as efficient or productive with my time.

This is how successful women entrepreneurs start their day. If your dream is to become a successful woman entrepreneur, start by making small-small changes every day in your morning routine. And soon you will be A BOSS LADY. 

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