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6C’s of A Happy Relationship

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The root of every happy relationship is based on trust, loyalty, and understanding. And, if any of the roots get crushed, the entire relationship starts shattering.

Do you know what the most important ingredient in a relationship is?

The recipe to a healthy relationship is often said to be lots of love, trust, and a pinch of ups and downs together. But there is a lot more to it.

Every relationship has its twist and turn; it requires communication with a great sense of affection and dedication and gets nurtured with time. Both partners have to be nurtured with the right values and need to be sensitive and hard working towards the bond they share.

Well, you don’t need a magical formula that you just twinkle on your partner to bridge the gap in the relationship.

Every relationship is different from the other and has its own highs and lows. What remains common are the ingredients to this lovely recipe, the 6C’s!

6C’s of A Relationship

Have you ever wondered why people have stopped loving their partners? The questions are many, and the answers are unvoiced. Here, we have covered all the answers to your unuttered questions.

What couples need to understand first is to maintain a perfect balance between their professional and personal life. Second, couples need to master a few specific keys that enable them not only to endure but to thrive in their relationships. 

Underneath is a shortlist of key principles employed by many couples, which contributed to their successful relationship.

A) Communication:

The essential C that tops the list is COMMUNICATION.

It has been said that good communication is key to a successful relationship. Excellent communication warms the relationship and resolves the issues, but with time makes the relationship stronger and filled with love. 

Do you remember when the last time you guys had an intimate, deep, and personal talk was? Maybe months back. Now, it’s time to improvise with healthy communication.

To make communication sound, use supportive and kind words; bring clarity into your translation. Our good intentions are sometimes lost in a translation; the other person perceives something entirely different, and that’s where conflicts and issues arise.

Fortunately, communicating will be able to avoid or solve half the issues in the relationship, and yes, there’s a science behind it. Whether it’s love, frustration, or angst, it is genuinely significant how it is being communicated and how it is being perceived.

We all differ in how we communicate, and it’s about trusting and respecting our partner’s love language.

Moreover, if you’re already communicated pretty well, keep doing that.

 Some tips to make your daily communication healthy. 

  • Never yell at your partner and if issues arise then try to resolve them whether it’s big or small.
  • Keep your mind and heart open; never say bad words to your partner.
  • Never involve the third person in your conflicts.
  • If things are getting worse, consult a marriage counselor.

 B) Commitment

 Commitment is the foundation of a flourishing relationship. When two individuals tied the knot, they signed an agreement to stand together with each other through thick and thin.

The commitments are about fulfilling each other’s promises, attaining expectations, and it’s a form of true love that keeps growing. A determination is not a contract; it is what powers the deal.

 A commitment is mere above the physical and emotional attraction.

These days, people lack commitment, trust, and respect; commitment is the thing that overcomes anger, frustration. It also drives people away from insecurities. If couples work together, they can be victorious over challenging things.

Give a thought, when was the last time you surprised your partner? Or left them a sweet, surprising message? – here, birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day – doesn’t count. Make your partner feel special every day.

Commitment is the cornerstone for all married couples.  

C) Compromise:

Ask yourself, can relationships survive without compromise? No, they can’t be.

The roots of most happy relationships, especially marriage, are built based on compromise only.

It is one of the main reasons that connects people and something that must be negotiated in all areas of life.

Moreover, relationships are all about giving and taking. Two individuals can’t share a healthy marriage if one partner dominates and keeps pushing the other partner down.

Compromise is all about knowing and accepting that it’s more important to be in the right relationship than being right. It’s also about keeping the ego aside, supporting better half dreams and passions, and building a beautiful relationship.

D) Caring:

Caring is a beautiful and glazing component that holds the power to brighten any relationship. Show a little care and love to your partner, and they will be all yours.

Caring is the outward representation of inward feeling and emotions.

So, if your partner is at work, call them and dazzle their day by saying, “I love you.” It encourages the spark in the relationship.

 Caring is a needed component of all successful relationships.

E) Companionship:

Companionship is the backbone of a relationship. It strengthens the bond to build trust; true companionship defines all.

We all need a BFF in our life, with whom we can share anything, whether it’s bad or good, and that best friend stays beside us without judging.

It has often been noticed that couples who have a great time together also delve into conflicts. But those couples who understand the deep meaning of love and complete each other’s sentences show care are the couples who have learned the real sense of companionship.

Now you know what’s the magical recipe behind happy and long-term relationships is companionship.

F) Contact:

The contact between the two of you should be healthy and sound.

Both of you must be on the same page of the book. Otherwise, the contact starts disappearing.

Contact is considered as the vital C’s for any relationship. Eyes that contact well understand each other the best, and also understand the unsaid things.

Physical & passionate contact is also an essential ingredient to building a healthy relationship. Cuddling, kissing, and touching are believed to spice up a relationship and create a more beneficial bond.

Wrapping up!

Communication, caring, commitment, companionship, compromise, and contact are the six essential love-tools an individual must know to make a stronger and happy relationship.

So, open up yourself for unconditional give and take of love.

Now, the main question is, are you working on your 6C’s yet?

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