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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60: Stay Classy & Fashionable

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Fashion is something that transcends time.

Every woman who is over 60 years still wants to look great when they go out. If you are over 60, you would most likely want to look as if you were a decade younger than your actual age. So, what are fashion trends for women over 60?

Many times, the topic is geared towards a younger audience, but what about the women who are well over 30, 40, or 50? What are fashion tips there for women in their 60’s +?

As we dive into this conversation, it’s important to note that there are no fashion rules for women over 60. However, there are accepted notions that may be outdated for some, especially when you consider that the 60+-year-old at present times looks different and is living a completely different lifestyle to her predecessors of decades past.

Preconceived Ideas About Fashion For Women 60+

For many years, women 60+ have been regarded as obsolete. Of course, there are many opinions as to why. Still, for our conversation today, we’ll acknowledge that these reasons have long affected the available clothing options. These opinions, in turn, affect the views of the brands that make clothing for women of this age group.

Women older than 60+ have often been thought of as grandmothers, retired, and living out the rest of their years, and so the style of clothing thought of for them has fit those opinions. However, the grandmother at home, baking cookies, and playing bridge may not be the reality of the women who are 60+ now.

While there is nothing wrong with that idea of a grandmother, women over 60 are more than just that version of a woman. Women in their 60’s (and beyond) are also: thriving, healthy, adventurous, beautiful, young, and have so many more years of life left to live and, like women of other generations, want to dress like it and have fashionable wardrobes too.

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Trends For Women Over 60

Fashion, at its core, is only as good as what we do with it. So for all intents and purposes, the 60+-year-old can wear the same pieces that the 30-year-old wears. The main difference is going to be in how each woman styles that article of clothing to suit her age or how she feels.

Nic Tip: So instead of thinking, “I’m 65, I can’t wear this.” Think instead, “I’m 65; how do I style this?”

It is especially true as we think about trends and what’s in fashion, how the trend style is more critical for each person’s age than the person wearing the trend. When approached from this perspective, it opens the door to so many different options. 

Monochromatic Dressing

We previously discussed the Monochromatic Dressing Hacks in another post; this is an excellent example of a perfect trend for a woman in her 60’s. Below, we always see fashionable Diane Keaton in a Monochromatic lounge look perfect for her age. Of course, she accessorized it with her signature hat and chunky white sneakers, another trend that women in their 20 typically wear, but the 75-year-old Keaton pulled it off flawlessly.

The things to point out with this look are how she styled the trend(s) to suit her—the sneakers paired with loungewear that fits her properly and the color that suits her beautiful grey hair.

Because she opted for a monochromatic look paired with the sneakers rather than something that would make them stand out more, it also adds a touch of sophistication to the look. The turtleneck and the studded beret also make this look much chicer than just a sweatsuit and top and is a perfect example of how someone in their 60’s might wear sweatpants and sneakers compared to their 20 something-year-old counterparts.

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Styles That Work For Women Over 60

What styles to wear for women 60+ depends on their body type and what they feel most comfortable in. Clothes, first and foremost, should always be selected for the body that is wearing them.

Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

Fuller Bust:

If someone is curvier on the top than on the bottom, wearing wide-leg pants and fuller skirts to make the body look more proportioned to the top would be an excellent way to go. Paired with less voluminous tops will create a balanced look that flatters the individual’s figure.

Outside of being a phenomenal outfit, this look is perfectly balanced for Miren’s fuller bust, adding proportion and balance to the look for her body type. Taking the focal point off the top and putting it on the look as a whole, and very fashion-forward for any age woman.

It’s worth pointing out here that a “busty” person is relative to the rest of their body and not to what society considers it to be. The bust is a wider circumference than the lower half, making the person fuller up top or busty; not what society deems that to be.

Fuller Hips:

If a 60+-year-old woman dresses for fuller hips and has a smaller bust, the opposite is true. You’d want to add proportion and balance to this body type by wearing fuller tops and more sleek bottoms to help make the body look more proportionate. Controlling the waist by wearing belts will also help create a curve, and the curve will help with the illusion of proportion.

The volume of this blouse, paired with the deep v neckline, helps bring attention to the top and take it away from the bottom fuller half. It’s also helping to make the entire frame more proportionate. Perfect for any woman of any age and a great example of how to dress for your body type in your 60’s.

Fashion Tips for Women Over 60


Petite mature women face the same challenges that their less mature counterparts face; finding clothes that fit your entire frame. At this stage of life, you’ve probably already found what types of clothing work for your frame, where to get them from, and how to have them altered/tailored when needed; now, choose pieces that make you feel your best—keeping in mind that you can wear what you want, how you style it is what is essential.

Audrey Hepburn is a great style inspiration for petite women in any decade of her life. However, in her 60’s she managed to combine effortless styling with class and sophistication in a way that suited her petite frame so beautifully. From her scarves, blazers, jeans, and polos, she still managed to make her look uniquely her own and mastered the fit of her garments.

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Prune Your Wardrobe:

Now that some of the basics covered for dressing in your 60’s+ prune your wardrobe, keep it relevant to how you want to view yourself and how you want to dress.

That means removing pieces from your wardrobe that don’t serve your lifestyle or suit the way you want the world to view you.

Getting rid of pieces that you never wear, make you feel older, or just don’t fit your body is an excellent place to start with pruning your wardrobe so you can begin building the closet of your dreams.

How Not to Look “Old”?

It is very subjective, but in general, if you feel like your outfit makes you look old, then it probably does. But, again, stick with trends and find ways to wear them that are appropriate for your age.


  • Pair opaque tights with skirts/wear skirts
  • Wear sneakers and heels
  • Always go for well-fitted jeans
  • Style with squanky accessories
  • Go colorful
  • Mix your vintage pieces with new pieces for a look that is true all your own. 


  • Not wear skirts because you think they’re too short, instead find a length that works for you. 
  • Skip out on shoes because “women your age” don’t wear them. Find heels that are a height that you can work with and sneakers that make your outfit look great! 
  • Jeans are your friend. Find a brand that offers some stretch, so you’re comfy, and opt for dark washes when you want to add a bit of sophistication to them. Stay away from rips and tears; that can take away the sophistication you may be looking for.
  • Accessories are always our friends. Scarves, sunglasses, brooches are all great! Add them to your look, and don’t look back. Also, add any other accessories to your arsenal that you love. 
  • Take your wardrobe so seriously. 
  • Get rid of the great pieces that still fit and look amazing on you just because you’re older now. Treasure them and wear them. 

Dressing for your 60’s and beyond sounds more intimidating than it is. However, the same advice that we follow in our 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s is the same advice that we should keep in mind in our 60’s.

Dress for your body, wear what you love, and style in a way that works for your lifestyle. Fashion is everyone, and dressing well in your 60’s and beyond is the best way to continue living your most fashionable life!

Are you in your 60’s? What fashion tips work for you? 

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