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Best? Worst? Which Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Relationships

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Zodiac Signs That Are Best at Relationships


Libra is one of the two signs that is ruled by Venus, so this fact alone makes them very appealing to all of the other signs in the Zodiac – Libras are simply built for relationships. Venus energy speaks to love, money, and relating, and Libras are well-versed in all of these areas. They are charming, well-dressed, eloquent, social, and more than happy to go the extra mile for someone they care about. Libra also rules the Seventh House of Partnership, which is the most important house to look at when romantic commitment is the goal. Libras will not shy away from commitment, and while they can handle casual relationships, they will only stick around long term for people they see themselves going the distance with. Whether it’s work, friendship, or romance, having a Libra by your side is a serious asset.


Taurus is the other Venus-ruled sign, so they are sure to catch your eye, and they make very solid relationship partners. This sign is the most sensual sign of all. Like their Libra counterparts, they have a keen aesthetic sense; but they tend to have a much more earthy vibe. Taurus isn’t flashy or cerebral like Libra. They are beautiful in a “girl-” or “guy-next-door” kind of way. They have sweet smiles, and they possess a quiet determination that is unmatched by any other sign in the Zodiac. Taurus is very romantic. They are also steadfast, resourceful, and not afraid to work hard in a committed relationship. Their energy is very genuine – what you see is what you get with this sign. And what you get is a loyal partner who will always be there when you need them.

Zodiac signs that are worst at relationships:


Aquarius is a very social air sign that is absolutely fixated on personal freedom, so they aren’t easy to pin down. Once committed, they have no trouble staying there; the problem is catching their attention in the first place. Ruled by Uranus, they tend to be very erratic and difficult to understand. They are also cold and distant, rarely showing emotion. Aquarians are often perceived as flaky – they kind of belong to everyone and don’t like to be tied down at all. So even if they are on the market romantically, they will be thinking ahead to what an actual commitment will look like, and they won’t necessarily like what they see. They are social, intelligent, and super friendly, but they get bored quickly. If you can’t hold their attention, they are the most likely sign in the Zodiac to disappear without a trace.

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Very similar to Aquarius, Sagittarians can’t sit still, and also don’t like to be limited. Aquarians will settle down if they find the right partner, but Sagittarius lives in a constant state of FOMO, so commitment isn’t a strong suit with this sign. They tend to have a very eccentric way of dressing themselves, and you will either love it or hate it. It doesn’t matter to them; they really don’t care what you think. This sign is also known for being optimistic, but very blunt, so even if you get past the way they dress, there is sure to be something in their demeanor that offends you eventually. Sagittarian curiosity is legendary, and while this quality is useful in many areas of life, romantic relationships aren’t one of them. Sagittarians are notorious flirts, and the worst ones are serial cheaters and narcissists.

Two good Zodiac pairs:

What Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Relationships

Gemini & Leo

I see a lot of Gemini/Leo pairings, both in love and friendship. Gemini is the sign of mutable air, and Leo is fixed fire. Air and fire mix very well, and the versatility of the Gemini is a great asset to Leo’s stable and sometimes stubborn personality. Air signs like Gemini are not known for being very emotional, but fire signs like Leo are always warm and passionate. So there is a synergy here that works well and brings a nice balance to their combined energy. Gemini is a fun and flirty sign, and Leo is all about romance and playfulness. These two make a great team. They will run in a large circle of friends and acquaintances, and they’ll never get bored with each other. It is one of the most dynamic combinations in all of the Zodiac.

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Scorpio & Pisces

This couple is the stuff that astrology legends are made of – the pirate and the mermaid! I see this pairing quite often when I read charts for couples. Both Scorpio and Pisces are water signs, so they have a lot in common. They are emotionally in-tune, intuitive, and have a sixth sense for each others’ needs. Scorpio is very protective of its feelings, while Pisces tends to let it all hang out. Together, this couple does a good job of creating emotional balance. Scorpio provides Pisces a stable and consistent place to deposit the constant river of emotion that runs through the sign, and Pisces reminds Scorpio to go with the flow every once in a while.

Two bad Zodiac pairs:

What Each Zodiac Sign Loves About Relationships

Aries & Libra

Opposites always attract in astrology, even when they shouldn’t, which is why Aries and Libra top this list. Aries is the sign of “self,” while Libra is the sign of “other,” so these two have the potential to teach each other a lot about the art of balance. The problem is that they almost never do. Aries can be self-centered, while Libra takes it to the other extreme and never puts itself first. Blending these two energies usually results in a situation where Libra constantly feels put out. At first, Libra won’t mind this because the energy is meant to focus on partnership; but over time, Aries won’t be able to meet Libra’s needs, and Libra won’t ask for anything. These are both cardinal signs, which make them leadership-oriented, but their communication styles are highly incompatible. Aries is aggressive and explosive, while Libra is conflict-averse and passive-aggressive. The result is a relationship with a lot of hurt feelings and unmet expectations.

Virgo & Sagittarius

I can’t really think of a worse combination than this! Sagittarius is a very happy-go-lucky sign that really likes to go with the flow and is always looking for the next good time. Virgo is a service-oriented sign who strives for perfection and rarely lets her hair down. While these two have a lot to offer each other in theory, in practice, they just don’t work well together. There is a lot of tension in this pairing because the goals of the underlying sign are completely different. Virgo is content to stay local and live a practical existence, but Sagittarius wants to roam and is not at all concerned with keeping a schedule. These two signs will drive each other absolutely nuts.

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