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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Emotionally Unavailable

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An emotionally-unavailable person is someone who is uneasy with feeling their own emotions, sharing feelings with others, or being receptive to others’ sentiments.

People who avoid commitments, intimacy, or get defensive easily in a relationship can be really hard to deal with. 

But this protective shell that they cover themselves with is not their current partner’s fault; it might result from their past bad experiences. 

So, if we give them enough time, space, and assurance, they’ll definitely show up eventually; after all, they are also emotional human beings only.

In this article, we present you with 5 zodiac signs who are emotionally distant.

Aquarius: They value privacy above everything

Despite their logical thinking and practical skills, Aquarians can come across as distant and awkward. This means that they prefer to separate personal and professional lives in order to cultivate a private world. They prefer to handle their emotions themselves.

Having an Aquarian as a talisman to cry on is not advised.

Capricorn: They safeguard their emotions

Capricorns tend to shut down their emotional side by building a mental wall around themselves. And that can have a major impact on their relationships. Their partners might feel distant from them because they often enjoy their time alone and aren’t dependent on anyone. 

Sagittarius: They deal with emotions uniquely

Sagittarius is known to be so optimistic that they aren’t affected by negative circumstances. They are known to act in such a way that they don’t fear hardship.

No matter how they hide their true feelings behind smiles and distractions, they will always be looking for those who will make them feel secure.

Scorpio: They prefer being mysterious

Despite the apparent coldness and distance of Scorpio, don’t be fooled by their mystery or indifference. Have a conversation with them about their feelings to make sure that they are not offended. It is difficult for Scorpios to cope with such a strong emotional world, and they risk injury if they treat it irresponsibly.

Gemini: They respect personal space

Gemini might be known as good communicators, but they lack speaking about their feelings. They are always insecure about themselves. They admire people who respect their personal space because they need to recharge themselves after dealing with everyone. And if they see someone breaching their self-care time, they can really turn up to their evil side and cut them off instantly.

There is no reason for these zodiac signs not to have feelings. They probably have feelings that are so deep and sensitive that they have had to build unbreakable walls to secure themselves.

And if you have had some unforgettable past experience with them, don’t blame them completely cause not everyone can express themselves so easily.

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