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The Squid Game Challenge You’d Be Best At Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Based on the genocide that can be glimpsed throughout Netflix’s hit series “Squid Game,” the best way to survive the contest is not to enter it in the first place. Hundreds of people were cremated before the victor was crowned, some of whom were outraged by collecting corpses for their organs. It takes a tense combination of guile, wisdom, teamwork, kindness towards others, and sheer stupid luck to come out of this experience alive.

So can you survive the fictional contest? Well, if you focus on astrology, the stars may hold answers. The zodiac symbols show that when you are born, you crystallize your strengths, weaknesses, and passions, among other factors. So it can be fun and perhaps illuminating to look at each of the 12 zodiac signs to find out which of the six competitive “Squid Game” events you are best at. Based on the zodiacs, these are the “squid game” contests that you’re most likely to win or survive.

1. Aries- Tug of War

Aries is a “Leader of the pack” zodiac sign. Leadership rarely takes an active role in various areas of the “squid game,” at least not in a positive approach. In most contests, the players are independent of each other or face each other directly. The only exception is the tug of war. This takes place in the second half of Episode 4 and the beginning of Episode 5. Without proper leadership, most of the named characters would not have survived to see Episode 5.

2. Taurus- Squid Game

If you are a Taurus, you would have been one of the players to vote for the game to stop in episode 2, “Hell.” And when you were given another opportunity to join the game at the end of “hell,” there is no chance you would have rejoined it. This is because Taurus is all about rewards. If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you are not the type of person to say, “It’s a journey, not a destination.” No, for you, it is all about the destination. That’s why if you made it this far, you’re sure to win the prestigious “Squid Game” contest.

3. Gemini- Marbles

Geminis are “intellectually oriented” people who “seek out people and places for information.” It is only through their intellect that Sang-woo and Deok survive their respective games of marbles. Sang-woo convinces the pure-hearted Ali (Anupam Tripathi) to give him easy access to the marbles which Sang-woo steals. Meanwhile, Deok defeats player Henchman 278 (Kwak Ja-hyoung) by persuading him to play a new game when he is about to win.

4. Cancer- Tug of War

Assuming they survived, the tug-of-war would seem like a fun memory for the Cancerians compared to the other “Squid Game” arenas. These family and community-oriented people will get uncomfortable competing directly with other players. For example, playing red lights and green lights is very difficult for most Cancers because they are as concerned about other players as they are about their safety.

Based on this, Ali may have been a Cancerian. Gi-hun only survives Red Light, Green Light because of his help, and he excels in team games. 

5. Leo- Squid Game

Leo is another sign that doesn’t handle red and green lights well, as Leos draw attention to themselves. Of all the “Squid Game” contests, Red Light and Green Light is probably the one where being noticeable will go against you. In such a game, it would be wise for Leos to hide behind someone else.

Leo isn’t always good at nominal contests, but there’s a huge advantage to engaging in the squid game. Leo is less likely to suffer under a critical eye when facing a single enemy under the supervision of a guard and a super-rich patron watching from above. Even if their life is in danger, Leos will be able to thrive as the center of attention instead of getting nervous and putting stress on their already heavy shoulders.

6. Virgo- Red Light, Green Light

Virgo is known for its precision, and it is this tendency that can help Virgo survive the initial stab of the “Squid Game.” To survive Red Light, Green Light, you have to be careful when you move and when you stop, unless you’re betting that Ali or someone like him will catch you when you fall. The Virgo in question will be happy to put up with the harassment to finish the red and green light alive.

7. Libra- Tug of War

Tug of war is a clear choice for those who fall under the sign of Libra. Like Cancer, Libra feels more comfortable and efficient as part of a group working toward a common goal, rather than a desperate, lonely player fighting for survival. Again, it can be difficult for Libra to survive long enough to get to the showdown.

On the contrary, marbles will turn out to be Libra’s worst nightmare. They are tricked into thinking they are in their comfort zone, in pairs, only to find that the athletes they have paired with are their enemies.

8. Scorpio- Honeycomb

Scorpio is an investigator. Those who fall under this sign are all about investigation, and as you can see from the episode “umbrella”, most of the survivors of this contest make it because of investigation. Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung) survives the game by heating the tip of the needle with a smuggled lighter and delivering the lighter to Deok, helping him live a little longer. Despite choosing the most complex shape, Gi-hun managed to win the contest by trying to lick the honeycomb and making it easy to disassemble cleanly. On the other hand, many other anonymous contestants have made it big just by looking at Gi-hun and imitating him.

9. Sagittarius- Honeycomb

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are well equipped to face the honeycomb test. Like Scorpio, Sagittarius is a seeker of information.

Through investigation, Mi-nyeo, Deok-su, and Gi-hun are able to find an easy way to break the honeycomb cleanly. Meanwhile, there are two other cast members that managed to pass because of foreknowledge. Recognizing the importance of shapes, Sang-woo knows he must choose a triangle as it is the easiest and most manageable shape. Disgraced Doctor Byeong-gi (Yoo Sung-joo) does the same as he has already been warned by a guard who hired him to harvest an organ. On the other hand, Sae-byeok sneaks through the vents and gets an early warning when he sees the workers building a hive.

10. Capricorn- Tug of War

Mountain goats are strongly associated with the Capricorn, and people that fall under this sign are some of the hardest workers to find. Capricorns pulling your side of the rope won’t stop from giving their best because of fatigue and fear. They keep working until the job is done.

The honeycomb contest isn’t bad for Capricorn. They will be careful not to be sloppy or careless, whichever shape they choose. Hard work doesn’t always lead to a good job, and Capricorn’s choice of an umbrella can still be short-lived. So even though honeycombs are not the worst option, tug-of-war is still the best.

11. Aquarius- Tug of War

Like Libra and Cancer, there’s only one “squid game” arena Aquarius is likely to feel comfortable in, and that’s the tug of war. Aquarius will end up mourning the death of their enemy, but working with a team fighting for the same result will soften the blow. Aquarius may be afraid of the rest of the competition, but who isn’t already?

12. Pisces- Glass Tile Game

Pisces are selfless and spiritual and don’t shy away from talking about how they feel. Acting selflessly (and acting on his emotions instead of his thoughts) is exactly what saves Gi-hun in the glass tile game. When Gi-hun was about to choose the 1st number, player 096 (Jung Woo-hyuk) called for first place, and Gihun sympathized and agreed to give him the first place. With this choice, he was placed in the back, making navigating through the tiles easier after many weak tiles had already been revealed at the terrible cost of other contestants’ lives.

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