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6 Zodiac Signs Who Has Major Trust Issues

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Each of us has been betrayed and scared at some point in our lives, but some of us are so mistrustful that we can’t trust our partners in any way. It’s okay to be a little cautious when building a new relationship, though trust issues can lead to bigger problems and keep people from having happy, peaceful, and fulfilling relationships. 

People with trust issues are often more sensitive than others. They handle everything deeply and are afraid to trust again because they have been impaired in the past.

Astrologers found that some zodiac signs are more likely to have trust issues than others. Although it is impossible to predict the relationship’s fate merely based on someone’s zodiac sign, it can be useful to look at the stars and know which signs are distrusting by birth. Without further ado, here are 6 zodiac signs that find it hard to trust people!

1. Taurus


Taurans are reliable, practical, and solid people who do not easily trust others. And if someone who they loved and trusted in the past has broken them, it will be especially difficult to gain their trust.

Indeed, they are a very loyal zodiac sign but don’t like being burned twice, so if you can win their trust, be careful not to lose that hard-earned trust. And if you lose it somehow, that means you have no chance to get it back.

2. Cancer


Cancerians, ruled by the Moon, are very emotional, sensitive, compassionate, and empathetic people who hardly trust others. People born under this sign hide their true feelings so as not to get hurt and tend to protect themselves by going into their hard shells in difficult situations.

This is because they find it difficult to trust others, and it may take a while for them to open up and trust someone. If they feel grateful and safe in a relationship with you, they will definitely trust you.

3. Scorpio


Scorpios are wonderfully intuitive, dedicated, and loyal people, but they doubt everyone. Undoubtedly, they are mysterious and secretive signs and don’t trust new people easily, especially when someone is romantically interested in them. They are always afraid of getting harmed, so it can take a long time for Scorpios to establish a trusting relationship with someone.

The best thing you can do to support your sensitive Scorpio partner is to be honest with them and show them that they can trust you. They also hate being lied to, so if someone betrays them or lies, their relationship ends.

4. Capricorn


Capricorn has been devastated many times to trust people naively. Although they are hardworking, honest, steadfast, and able to build trustful relationships with others, when someone lies or uses them, they never trust them again.

This certainly limits their romantic or social potential, and Capricorns prefer to be alone instead of being backstabbed by a loved one.

5. Aquarius


Aquarius is another zodiac sign that often finds it difficult to trust others, even if they know them well. Dating and relationships often make these people uncomfortable. Because they are very independent, lovers of freedom, and believe that commitment ties them.

In fact, Aquarius is happiest when love is not their main focus in life. For an Aquarius relationship to work, you’ll need to inspire their visionary side by discussing your future plans and the adventures you want to have with them.

6. Pisces


Pisceans are sensitive so it’s easy for them to get carried away in their own head. They are intuitive and compassionate and can easily pick up on other people’s emotions. Therefore, if they sense that something is wrong in their relationship, Pisceans become suspicious or anxious.

If Pisceans are shattered in a previous relationship, it will take a long time for them to get over it and start trusting again. These people are so vulnerable that if their heart is broken, they build a wall around themselves, making it nearly impossible for anyone to enter.

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