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How do our childhood experiences affect our chakras?

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Any unsolved trauma from our early childhood affects all centers to some degree. Energy blocks in the chakra and auric field hold the configuration of trauma and contain frozen life force until we can clear the emotional pattern.

Even the perception of a certain experience can cause the blockage of chakras because our perception shapes our reality.

Adora Winquist, Author, Leader in the Field of Alternative Medicine & Modern Alchemist, who has an experience of 20 years with chakras, explains how our childhood experiences can affect our chakras. 

1. Root Chakra

When you start looking at these blocks from the root chakra you start seeing early childhood dynamics about not belonging. So those who had family dynamics where they didn’t receive much attention or had an experience of abuse have very strong associations of imbalance in the root chakra that can result in anything from chronic fatigue to anemia. 

Also, if we encounter a major accident during our youth, those patterns still affect our root chakra and ability to feel safe. So when we have this safety issue, we tend to have anxiety and may not necessarily understand its origin because it comes from a very young place in our development

2. Sacral Chakra

This area has a major connection with the trauma of sexual orientation. When we’ve had those types of trauma here, we find it difficult to give ourselves the permission to feel any pleasure in this area and therefore, can be challenged with their sensuality. 

The sacral chakra also holds emotional abuse because this is the gateway to the emotional body. When you see individuals who tend to carry a lot of weight in this area, oftentimes it is because of sexual trauma or abuse. 

Even if as a child someone is ridiculed or ashamed for touching their private parts innocently, they may develop a feeling of shame associated with this area and their sexual desires so they start keeping them a secret. 

3. Solar plexus chakra

When we observe power struggles in our family environment, between our mother and father, there is a lot of argument and violent behavior, in that case, we start to see a lot of digestive issues, a real sense of confusion in our thinking, and how we see ourselves in the world. 

The solar plexus chakra connects with the digestive system so when you are force-fed in an imbalanced way then these imbalances and patterns are taken into adulthood. 

When the childhood environment is in a lot of confusion that becomes a projection on the child, the child becomes uncertain about their identity, gifts, and their essence. 

4. Heart Chakra

Our heart is our relational center and we are relational beings. This means that it is through relationships that we can find freedom. By connecting in with our own hearts and becoming more loving, compassionate and forgiving with ourselves we heal. And we can also invite in the knowing that it is through relationships that we can heal. 

When we get wounds around the heart as a child, we tend to isolate ourselves. We can either isolate ourselves in physical terms or we can hide from our truths by dismissing our authentic selves. 

5. Throat Chakra

Think about a childhood where you are always told to be quiet and keep secrets. As a child, you need to comply with your parents but when you are not allowed to speak about what happened in your environment, think about what happens to that energy to feel chained and silenced and that is in direct conflict with our birthright as sovereign human beings. That is where conflict is created. 

When we are constantly silenced we start questioning the worth of our opinions and ourselves as a human and we think maybe it’s better that I am constantly told how to behave and what and when to speak.

As silence grows, we also shut down our ability to hear because it is painful. From this thyroid problems and issues with the esophagus because we have to constantly swallow our truth. 

6. Third eye chakra

We all have our psychic gifts but as a child sometimes we are told we are incorrect in our visions. Because of this, we start questioning ourselves thinking that if we are wrong about this then what else are we wrong about. As a result, we can experience headaches and issues with vision and not allow future mystical visions.

7. Crown chakra

This is where we start to see belief systems around religion and spirituality in our early childhood dynamics. For those of us who were told that god is very controlling or you have to do these steps or you won’t be loved by god, when we see that our parents, friends, or people around us are not conforming to those rules, it creates a conflict. We start questioning what is true. Because of this, we see people who have to see scientific facts of everything to believe that it is true. They are very skeptical and need to see tangible proof of everything. They tend to be very mentally oriented and disconnected from the heart and soul. 

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