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Which Zodiac Sign Kids Get Bully the Most, According to an Astrologer

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Were you too bullied as a kid? I personally believe that most of us, at some point in our lives, got bullied by the mean kids or the “Mean Girls”. But there are always some kids that are picked on most by the bullies as compared to others.

They become the deltas of the classroom that everyone bullies. But, although it’s sad, it does have a lot to do with Astrology. Astrologer Megan Smith, Co-founder of Zenchronicity, tells Morning Lazziness about the four signs that get bullied the most because of their traits. 

1. Pisces:

child abuse

Pisces, especially if they have Mars, are unable to fight for themselves. That disassociation and not being present becomes a personality that is very sadistic. This is the reason why most serial killers have aspects in Pisces. And almost all serial killers have been bullied or had trauma as a child. Being a water sign, they don’t have the desire to fight in themselves. So they keep on ignoring red flags and keep getting hurt over and over again. 

If you see a child who cannot stand against their bully, mostly they have a Pisces aspect. 

2. Cancer:

childhood abuse

All the water signs, except Scorpio, will get bullied the most. Even Cancerians are very sweet and kind and have mother energy, because of which they get pushed around easily. They always respond with kindness, but unfortunately, that’s not the way to make someone stop being mean to you. They also react with emotions; bullies love people who cry and respond emotionally.

3. Virgo:

Jealousy among siblings

They are such perfectionists that they almost have OCD tendencies. The Virgo kid will be very clean and try to do everything perfectly, like putting pins perfectly on the desk and because of that, they would be picked on. A bully might mess up their desk or drawer only for them to clean it all over again. 

4. Taurus:

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It is an earth sign, but because they love food and sometimes have an unhealthy relationship with it, they might suffer from weight problems. Unfortunately, that’s what they might get bullied for in school. Although, Taurus might fight back a little if you get them angry enough because they are the bulls, and they fight back when pushed into the corner. 

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