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5 Most paranoid zodiac signs, According to an Astrologer

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“You are a born worrier.” “Why are you always paranoid?” Do people often use these sentences while referring to you? Well, they might be onto something. Because astrology is said to impact paranoia, and because of that, some signs are born paranoid while others are chill and easygoing. Astrologer Megan Smith, Co-founder of Zenchronicity, tells Morning Lazziness about the most paranoid zodiac signs in this article.



Being the rulers of the 8th house, Scorpios know everybody’s bad behavior. They understand humans on a very dark level and know what others are capable of doing. But, unfortunately, they think that other people are only capable of doing what they do and understand, and that’s what makes them paranoid.



Pisces live between planes and are not present in reality. They are the dreamers, but those dreams can turn into nightmares. So when they are in shadow and their negative self, they can become quite frantic.

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Virgo’s are perfectionists who are always paranoid that something might go wrong. Therefore, they are constantly analyzing and always in preparation mode for what they think might happen. 



Gemini can also see what people are capable of. We always like to tell people that if you want to get away with something bad, let a Gemini plan it because they can see other people’s perspectives, so they are quite brilliant in coming up with plans, let the Scorpio execute the plan and Virgo be the getaway driver. Combining the mastermind, perfectionist, and the person who isn’t afraid of darkness, their paranoia will help you get away with anything.

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Sagittarius are the ninth house, and thus, they are the playboys. They are always afraid that their partner will cheat on them because they tend to be doing that themselves. They are mostly paranoid about being hunted and taken advantage of. 

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