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Unmasked Smile- Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata’s meaning is rooted from a slang used in the country of Swahili. These words are commonly used in eastern and southern Africa and happily translates to “no worries” or “no problems.”  

While the famous Disney Corp has made it a popular trademark in 1994. A joyful song was written and enjoyed by all ages. What does it mean in today’s world? 

Without a doubt, Hakuna Matata has made a name for itself within itself. To explore its true meaning, one must escape from the world’s daily traumas. Venture into a dreamscape mindset state of mind that treasures are everywhere where everything and anything is at the tips of your fingers. To enrich the quality of life.

Although studies, surveys, and the search for scientific reasoning. To find proof in its true fabrication is astounding. Each case is uniquely different. Self-preservation and its rewards are mesmerizing. But before we go any further. As in any story. There is a beginning, middle, and end. 

Thrilling Transformation

To start. That little voice inside of you speaks a different tone. Just dying to get out and away and asking yourself. Which endless rainbow shall I slide down? The journey and its beautiful views along the way. Where will it lead to? Only to find the twist and turns are as magnificently placed. To find yourself insanely energetic with excitement.

Where the crossroads in life were only brief hallucinations, clouded by mirror effects of the wicked. As most people that venture. One may ask if there is a risk. No risk. No glory.

Now that the determination and drive to continue to begin to spark into a roaring blaze. It’s time to find someone with the same passion and share the experience together. Spreading the fascinations of Hakuna Matata. You may even create your own song and new lyrics.

Hakuna Matata is so much more than one could ever dream of. No riches, monumental award, or any popular event can replace it.

Cultural Hacks

As some people find it evil, nonexistent, and against religious beliefs. Within those societies and cultures have their rights to choose and shall not be condemned against. Their practice of traditions has made them who they are—past down from generation to generation.

Hakuna Matata is obviously from a different ethnic background and would profoundly provide a judgement at the blink of an eye- even to say the words correctly.

So, what is on this road to Hakuna Matata? Since, you now know where it’s from and how it can be used. Now comes the truth. Are you ready to fly or stay grounded? Because, Hakuna Matata can make you more than FLY. Ready. 

Obsessive Frenzy

Wait before you get started. Sit down. Relax and close your eyes. Let your imagination run wild and release all that holds you down. Listen to what surrounds you. Taste the air in the wind. Hear the echoes from beyond. Smell the fragrances from afar and feel the wind in your hair.

All metaphors will now present itself. A gift for the taking. As you partake on this journey. You will find there is so much to absorb, for example. Wings are not needed to fly. Run faster than the speed of sound without moving your feet—fall without falling. Battle a war without weapons and be victorious. Be stronger and wiser than any super-hero. The world evolves around every aspect of your imagination. The list goes on.

Fairy tale Conclusion

Hakuna Matata is a world as you make it. No age limitations, no rules, no guidelines, no worries, and no one get hurt. Let the blood flow and hear your heart beating as the hair on your skin begins to calm down. Now, what happens next. What was once untold and self-belief? Becomes your own legend. Now that Hakuna Matata becomes a reality. Planning your next exciting venture gets more exciting. You now have the tools to build and share. But it doesn’t end there. No, No, No.

Explain and decide for yourself is it worth to put on paper and make a journal of it all. For one day, you may need it for future reference. It may not work for yourself. Maybe in need of someone else. As you have captured every step of the way. Fine-tuned it or even tweaked it a little. Maybe even recall specific moments in time and relive it. 

As an old saying goes-“Playing in the rain. Cleanses the Soul”. Enjoying the fruits of mother nature at its best. What has Hakuna Matata done for the world? Awareness. Rather you believe in it or not. You know what it means. It brought purity in your life and pure innocence as we were born with. How pure is it? Like a baby’s first cry, the first drop of rain, and a double rainbow. Something you can only experience once in a lifetime.

In closing, Hakuna Matata is a blessing from above- a gift that is open to all. Accept the world as it is and live the life that you own.

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Mr. Mokuahi
Bernard Mokuahi is an emerging writer. Best known for the soft-touch writing among peers in books (One Man’s Dream) and CD’s (Mirror-Mirror). With hundreds more for personal friends, relatives, and the better half (Wife). He has worked in the Supermarket industry for over 28 years before retiring from that field. Taking on the next avenue till present of the communications industry.

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