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These zodiac signs siblings are best friends for life

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Having a brother or a sister is both a blessing and a boon. No matter how contentious our relationships with our siblings are at times, the love and bond will last forever. Then there are the ones that make the best sibling duos and look like two peas in a pod.

Astrologer Megan Smith, Co-founder of Zenchronicity, tells Morning Lazziness which zodiac signs siblings are best friends for life.

1. Aries and Leo

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Arians are always the initiator and instigator. And their partner in crime is Leo. You will always see a Leo by their side. They are the fire and the sun, so they have a great time with each other. However, they are a gem for the parents, as they love each other for life. 

2. Cancer and Scorpio

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Scorpios have a hard time getting in touch with their feelings and getting into those depths, while Cancers have a lot of feelings. Having a Cancer sibling prevents them from feeling alone in the world. 

3. Virgo and Pisces

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Pisces are floaty and have a hard time being present. Virgos are the complete opposite. They are too grounded. So when you pair these two signs together, it all works out. Pisces pull Virgos out of their obsession with perfection by taking them into things that are imperfect. The Virgos ground Pisces.  

4. Gemini and Libra

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Even though they both are air signs, they understand each other well. Gemini can help bring words to Libra’s feelings because Libras face difficulty in expressing their emotions. Libras tend to get a lot invested in their relationships, whereas Geminis think about everything. Even though they feel emotions, they intellectualize them. Moreover, Geminis are also bad at partnerships because they like to be free. They may date a lot, but they will never be invested with someone one on one. Libras can help them with it.

5. Aries and Libra

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Libras don’t like confrontation and dealing with issues. Having an Aries sibling will help them deal with conflicts better. Aries can teach them how to be assertive and how to have a confrontation. But Libras also help Aries in not being so confrontational. They learn from each other.

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