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Is it okay to Cry? 5 Benefits of Crying

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Life is full of exasperating situations, especially in the past year, which was so upsetting. We live with so many annoyances that tend to add up quickly.

Owning a home, getting a job, having pets, children, and family demands enough money. A time comes when you feel overwhelmed and you cannot take it anymore, then it is better to cry. Crying is the best way to feel relaxed and light.

1. Crying make you feel better:

Do not let your anger get the best of you because, in that case, you will utter such type of words that you do not mean to say if your anger takes over you. Do not resist your feelings and take yourself sentiently, so you will know better what you need to make yourself more carefree. The best way is to let the feelings out so they do not open into something unwanted. So cry. Cry it all out. You will feel much better and lighter after a good cry.

2. Crying makes you feel confident:

Crying is an emotional as well as an eye cleansing experience. No matter what, we cry because of emotions, such as anger, overwhelm, happiness and excitement, etc. In any case, crying is good for you, and it gets all the terrible feelings out and makes you more stable and confident, so it’s totally fine to cry.

3. Crying make you energetic:

Somehow crying makes us defenseless and exposed, making some people stunned and scared, but it is such an energetic thing that can help you explicit your emotions. So never be afraid or hesitate to “Cry It All Out.”

4. Crying makes you feel courageous:

Most people think that crying is a sign of weakness, but crying does not make you weak. It can be a sign of clout and courage. Everyone needs a good cry to spell everything out now. Thus, a person may cry because of reaching their breaking point and cannot take it any longer, so you cry and will get off your feelings that have built up for so long needed to be released.

5. Crying makes you feel comfortable:

Furthermore, there is a bundle of crying salubrious facts; It is like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and head. The heaviness will die out, and all the stress and anger are wiped away with the tears. It can detoxify the body, reflex tears clean up debris, like smoke and dust, from your eyes. Continuous tears lubricate your eyes and help protect them from infection, help self-soothing, and cry for long periods release oxytocin and endogenous opioids, basically known as endorphins. These chemicals can help comfort both physical and emotional pain.

A few drawbacks of crying:

Crying is not just a natural emotional expression; it is also a healthy one, as described above, with tremendous therapeutic benefits. But if it gets out of hand, it might indicate a serious underlying problem. 

Sometimes the emotions you feel when you can be so intensified cause physical symptoms, like a headache such as a sinus headache and dehydration headache, eyes swollen, red eyes you get after hard cry and migraine. When your brain loses too much fluid, it shrinks. This reduction in brain volume can lead to headache pain. Dehydration might also trigger migraine headache attacks. You should seek immediate medical attention if you have any of these symptoms.

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