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The 11 Morning Habits of High Performers Money Maker Moms

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Initiating a business can be really tricky for moms. They dig their own ways and succeed. That’s why we call them mompreneurs. Read about such exemplary moms below.

Being a mother brings along responsibilities and pressure both. When a girl grows, she is taught to have the values to build a house to make a home. When she gets married, she is taught to contribute equally to meet the requirements of the family. Initially, she might be capable of doing that as she pursues some job. But when she gets promoted to become a mother, it becomes quite difficult for her to continue the job for the next 2 years. This big career break in her life gives her various opportunities that could boost her professional life. Sometimes she gets so occupied in the household that she fails to resume her job. 

In such cases, all she can do is to start something of her own and ultimately become a mompreneur. This new position of being a mompreneur makes her feel stronger and grow as the best entrepreneur as she can spend quality time with herself as well as her kid. That is where the importance of a healthy routine to balance things in life comes into play. 

In this article, we have inculcated some stories of money-maker moms, talking about how they manage their family and work-life, together. Everyone has a different definition of a healthy morning; ours is something that we have mentioned in the further stages of this article.

Our definition of a healthy routine of a Mompreneur

A healthy routine comes with peace and mental stability. All the motivation to work and serve the family makes it really important for a mompreneur to take some personal space. 

The following habits will allow her to have all that she needs.  

Wake up with the smile

Smile is a really effective tool that you can use against any big problem to fight gracefully. Take all of your problems with a big smile, and you are near the winning line. The first thing that you should do in the morning is to smile endlessly. Believe me or not, it would be the most beautiful smile of the whole day. “As a mompreneur, I love to start my day by connecting to nature to feel calm, Sandi Schwartz, founder of Parenting, Wellness, and Environmental Journalist, tells us.” 

“She says that she often goes on the walk outside at a local park or takes a spin on her exercise bike outside the balcony before getting started the day. Just staring at the bright green trees and colorful flowers energizes her and put a smile on her face. Spending time connecting to nature is a safe, effective tool to help minimize the effects of stress and boost mood. It has been shown to improve focus and attention; lower the production of stress hormones like cortisol; and reduce stress-related physical symptoms like high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and muscle tension.”

Make a time to write Journal

Writing helps you in every possible manner so that you can pen down everything that you feel like doing in a day. More than that, it makes your heart feel less occupied with thoughts as you have already shared it with your diary.

I wake up an hour before everyone else to write out my intentions for the day, Michelle Glogovac (she/her), Founder + CEO of The MSL Collective, tells us. She further says that “writing a journal helps me set the right mindset and prepare me for a productive day. I also write out affirmations, as well as the top 3 things I want to accomplish for the day to be as productive as possible.” 

 Set a ‘me-time’ in the morning 

Mental space is always equal to a quality “me time” that you can enjoy if you have a habit of waking up earlier than everyone in the morning so that you will spend some time for yourself thinking about how your life is and how you want it to be. This helps you introspect about yourself and check for areas of improvement.

Aleka Shunk, the founder of Aleka’s Get Together, says “no matter what time I wake up, I make a point to schedule “me time” in the morning. She also says that I prefer to go for a long run that helps me clear my head while focusing on the end goal. All these things contribute to feeling more productive and better about myself because if there’s one thing mompreneurs need, it’s confidence.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is one of the best habits that you can practice as a mother and an entrepreneur. After pregnancy, it becomes really important to maintain your physical fitness as the body undergoes a lot of changes that might make you feel unfit for certain things in life. Yoga heals your inner conscience and makes you confident enough to do anything and everything in life.

“A glass of water is preferably warm water with lemon and honey, and practicing yoga Asanas, which sends an activation signal to our body to wake up fully, says Abby- WellPCB  Head of Marketing.”

Get yourself a strong coffee

Strong coffee has a lot to do with everything that you need to do in a day. It is going to prepare you for all the big challenges to be faced in a day. It helps you keep up your spirit to the standard of where it should be. 

The morning recipe for success includes a Peloton Bike or Obe workout, which includes a mix of spin, barre, and arms, and a delicious medium roast coffee with a splash of hazelnut creamer, Kellie Pean Co-Founder of Brand New: A Collective tells us. 

She further says that “My morning is often hectic as I’m getting the two oldest kids to school on time. After school drop-off, the 20 minutes I have in the car is my opportunity to set intentions for the day. I always hype myself up by listening to music through my schedule and what goals I need to accomplish. When I get home to a somewhat quiet house, it allows me to indulge in the things that really jump-start my day to be productive, energized, and focused. When I’m able to get all of these things done by 9:00 am, I consider it a success and a great start to my day!”

Burn Some Calories

A perfect morning workout can help you to burn your calories. Many women are observed working out in the morning so that they can feel fresh for the rest of the day and perform their tasks with utmost efficiency. Working out and simultaneously burning some calories also keeps you fit and makes you look younger.

The best thing any mompreneur can do to get her morning started right is to get moving, Court Maynard, Founder of First Team Real Estate, tells us. 

She also says, “By starting the day off with any sort of quick workout, even the busiest of moms can mitigate the stressors of managing work, home, and –most importantly– mom duties. I personally like to begin my day with a 5-minute workout consisting of squats, push-ups, and crunches. Even when I’m bordering on getting out the door late, I can work this into my schedule and feel my best before I am tasked with juggling a packed schedule. Taking these few minutes also helps to clear my mind and refocus my priorities, which further encourages me to have a positive attitude even when things go sideways, as we know they sometimes do!”

Read/hear some motivational story of the podcast of a person who might inspire you

Inspiration is important! The pressure you will have in the next few hours of your day is enough to spoil all that you have in your head. Ensure that you have a bucket of motivational stories of inspiring podcasts of various people you might follow to inherit a healthy mindset.

One crucial habit I’ve formed is to write down my “Daily 3.” These are the 3 key tasks I will focus on accomplishing that day to move my business forward, says Kelly Wenner, Mom of 3, founder and creator of SoulStrength Fit tells us. 

She further added, “I decide on what my 3 most important tasks will be each day, which enables me to remain incredibly focused on my top priorities. A dozen different tasks could make it onto my to-do list, but focusing on the top 3 helps me zero in on what’s most important. I consider what’s most important to get done and what is most important to get done today. If it’s something that can wait till tomorrow or later in the week, then I choose an equally important task that needs to be accomplished sooner to take its place. As we all know, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! To set myself up for success, I plan each day in a way that will help me reach my goals and fulfill my priorities.

Don’t look at your phone, at first few hours of the morning

A healthy shower morning will help you the most to rejuvenate yourself. You can add some rose water to your bath water to add an essence of freshness to it.

Stephanie Iraggi, the founder of MamaShark, tells us that as a busy mom and mompreneur setting a positive morning and self-care routine is a must for mental health. She further said, “As a busy mom and mompreneur, I find I’m most productive when I start out with a positive mindset. I do this by limiting my social media for the first part of the day and spending that time meditating and praying- this prepares my heart and my mind for the day ahead!  I also am a big fan of dressing like you mean it. I try to dress intentionally for the day and whatever it is I want to accomplish that day- and if the best outfit for the day is yoga pants, so be it! Starting out my morning with this simple routine sets me up to begin my day with confidence and clarity, and I highly recommend any mompreneur come up with a similar mindset and self-care routine to start their day!

Cook yourself something healthy that can help you maintain your body

Some healthy and delicious tea/food will also help you get your shoes tied, and arms strengthened for the day’s new challenges. A good tea or wholesome bowl of fruits will give you the perfect strength to fight against all that comes before you.

“The first thing I do in the morning makes my morning matcha green tea latte,” says Steffa Mantilla, Founder of Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). She says that matcha is high in antioxidants and sipping on it allows me to concentrate on planning my tasks for the day. By the time I finish drinking my latte, I’ve made a list of items to work on, from most important to least. It’s a centering practice that allows me to wake up and ease into the day while my child is still sleeping.”

Plan your day and make an outline of the tasks to be done

Once you are done having your tummy full, the next thing that you should do is to plan out your day so that you can manage your time and efforts wherever it is required. Being a mompreneur, I prefer to start the day with morning workouts, says Lara, a mompreneur at The Mood Guide and a single mom of a 2-year-old girl” She says that early exercise boosts my mood and gives me the energy to be a productive entrepreneur and active mom.”

Set a mantra for your success: 

Everyone has got something to motivate themselves for the tasks that are aligned for the day. As a mompreneur, you can also fix some daily tasks that make you feel motivated and energized to perform them and reach a conclusion with flying colours.

Every mompreneur should have set a success mantra that they tell themselves every day before they start work. Nicole Johnson, the President/Lead Sleep Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site, tells us.

Her mantra of success is “You can do many things, but you can’t do everything, every day. Do what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow.” Another one is, “You can’t be the best boss and the best mom at the same time. Be present with the kids and leave work alone and vice versa. The kids will be happier, and so will you.” Besides a mantra, 8 ounces of water and a big cup of coffee or tea get the blood flowing!

These are all the stories that might inspire you to an extent.

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