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Feeling demotivated? Here are some actionable steps

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We all set goals in life, and working towards them gives ultimate self-satisfaction, but sometimes nothing feels alright, even when everything is going fine. 

We all have goals but aren’t getting the feel to work toward them. The reason is that you lack the motivation to work towards your goal at the beginning of the year. And it’s alright to feel that way, and you are not the only one. Everyone suffers from a lack of motivation at some point in life. 

There can be multiple reasons for this lack of motivation, and it can be intrinsic, extrinsic, or both. 

But how to figure out that you are lacking motivation? You can look for signs such as lack of energy, decreased concentration, increased procrastination, boredom, or fatigue. 

If any of these signs are growing in you, it’s high time to take actionable steps to overcome them. 

Here are four things you can do to get back your motivation

Acknowledge and talk.

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The primary step is to acknowledge your feelings and state of mind. People often say negative things about themselves. You need to understand that your body doesn’t comprehend words but connects with the energy you create. Your negative words create negative energy, and your body behaves similarly. So, don’t judge but acknowledge and talk about it. You can talk to your family, friends, or trusted people in your circle. You can consult a therapist or healer if you don’t feel comfortable discussing it with your family. This will help you determine the problem’s source and solution. 

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Bring a change.

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Changes can bring a huge impact on our life. We are often stuck in our detrimental thoughts, and changing our actions can bring a huge difference. Before taking any action, change your thoughts because thoughts determine our actions. 

Further, you can modify your routine, relationships, and lifestyle to spark new energy around you. You can change your routine by adding or subtracting things like adding new habits like doing 15 minutes of meditation every morning, going for a walk in nature, trying journaling to channel your thoughts, etc. 

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Take a break.

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Sometimes doing the same things repeatedly in life is also a reason for drowning in motivation. So, rather than quitting, take a break. You can go on a vacation with family, go on a solo trip, go on a shopping spree, etc. Break the monotony of life by doing things that bring happiness to you. These activities will give you energy, and you will come back with a better frame of mind.

Listen to your body.

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To achieve our life goals, we constantly end up torching our bodies, affecting our mental health. When you try to complete the tasks, you burn out, ending up overwhelmed. It is important to strike a balance between personal life and work. Both our minds and body need a break. So, listen to your body. If you are not feeling like working, take a rest, engage in a hobby, or take a walk in nature. The key is to listen to your body, and your body will work for you. 


The bottom line is that if you are unmotivated in life, acknowledge your emotions rather than beat yourself up for that. Work to identify the cause and take actionable steps to combat it. 

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