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Dear Teenage Me – The Things I Wish I had Known aged 14 as I was Starting on Life’s Journey

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Now before I start – don’t roll your eyes.

I know that taking advice, asking for help, or even just listening to another viewpoint is not one of your strong suits – but I encourage you to take 5 minutes and read on – there might be a tiny nugget that proves useful for you.

First off – you’ll get the rug pulled out from under you on a good few occasions, and the bottom will fall out of your world.

I’m not telling you something that you’d never guess, but the thing I want you to know is what really matters is how you deal with those times – not the events themselves!

You’ll get heartbroken by the boy you think you love.

You’ll be let down by friends you thought knew better.

You’ll fight with family and argue with more friends.

You’ll suffer heart-wrenching loss more than once.

You’ll love deeply and grieve long.

You’ll be thrust into a role you never wanted and will learn on the job.

You will travel the world.

You’ll be tasked with loving another human more than you love yourself, even when it feels impossible.

You’ll teach your child how to overcome even when you have no idea how to do it yourself.

You’ll choose badly and regret it.

You’ll favor one person above your family, and it will not end up smelling roses.

You’ll lose track of time that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

You’ll not be able to get out of bed when your body fails you.

You’ll learn to love the smell of the hospital, and gradually you’ll become a better patient.

You’ll have your dreams snatched away.

Your body will fail you and may always be broken.

Your body will heal you.

You‘ll find a faith that sustains you even in the darkest pit.

You’ll commit to living by faith without needing to see the plan.

You’ll trust someone outside of yourself even when the path is hidden.

You‘ll doubt that your heart can ever be fixed.

You’ll search deep inside for answers that never come, and you’ll seek quick fixes that will hurt you more.

You’ll make more mistakes than you can count.

Your trust will be broken.

You’ll trust yourself again!!

You’ll hold a cold hand and know when it’s right to say goodbye.

You’ll know when love knocks again and demands to be let into your heart.

You’ll be happy, truly happy.

You’ll be loved unconditionally and beyond compare.

I can write all these things in their truth, and I know that you will not enjoy the rollercoaster of life as it travels it’s the path. The ups and downs will come fast, and the spiral turns will throw you off balance more than once.

But I also know that you have a strength that you don’t give yourself credit for.

You have a resilience that will be tested but never broken.

You are stubborn, which is not always a bad thing!

You have a quick tongue in your head and can use it to your advantage.

You are wise and have a discerning spirit.

You crave the touch of others and enjoy the warmth of love’s embrace.

You love deeply and expect the same in return.

You will survive more than you think you can, even when it feels like you won’t.

You will always put one foot in front of the other and take the baby steps needed.

You are more than enough to – every single time.

Save my words and read them often – when the hard times come, remember that I believe in you.

All my love.

Your future self.

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Stacey, The Modern Storyteller, is a storytelling expert and host of The P.S. Club. Passionate that every life story deserves to be heard, she teaches female entrepreneurs in the first few years of business where to find their stories and how to craft them powerfully, alongside practical and technical support.

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