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How to Overcome Morning Laziness and stay Energetic?

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As you are reading this article, you must have gone through those days when you tend to stay longer than usual before getting out of bed—the time when you are neither asleep nor awake.

While eyes are closed, the mind is having some conversations or trying to avoid some discussion, hiding behind things.

All these inner conversations draw out the energy in the Morning itself and set the bad start for the day. As per the “Sedona Method” book, this is one of those emotional states with the lowest energy. And you know it because most people in this state don’t feel like doing anything during this time.

But before finding the solution, we need to understand and discover the our-root cause of this situation. Because morning laziness is the symptom, but root-cause could vary from person to person.

Below mentioned are two primary root causes of this problem and best practices to overcome that situation.

Tips to beat Morning Laziness and Stay Energetic

One of the most frequent root causes of morning laziness is when someone is going through critical problems related to health, wealth, relationships, and the inability to find any solution. As a result, one may feel helpless and tend to start avoiding the situation.

If you are going through any of these situations, you need to know that morning laziness further aggravates the problem as any of these situations require action, and they will not go away just like that. Though I know that taking action in this state of mind is next to impossible, Right?

But as you are reading this article, it conveys that you are still looking forward to bouncing back and getting back in the game.

During this time, what worked for most people is to find the smallest possible activity, which you may initially recognize as nothing. However, it can help you put yourself back in the game. Later it can seed the foundation for bigger actions.

For example, someone who is going through financial issues might start collating the actual state of the crisis:

  • How much do they owe to others?
  • What are the pending bills?
  • When are they due?
  • How much do they have in different accounts?

It would give a better view of the situation. And then look for some expert advice to “solve” the problem. One could take similar actions for health and relationships.

1. Know your problems, and address them calmly

A second most frequent reason for morning laziness is not knowing the problem. It’s just a feeling of “I don’t belong here,” or “this is not my life that I want to live.” Here, even though a person has reasonably good health, wealth, and relationships, there is no major problem in life. Still, there is this constant feeling of being “missing out on something.” Here, you need to understand that there is something called soul or inner-self beyond health, wealth, and relationship. Hence it would help if you nurtured” your “soul/inner-self,” too.

But how to nurture your soul/inner-self? The dynamics of soul/inner-self are significantly different from the material world you see and are aware of. Hence first, spend some time understanding those dynamics.

2. Dedicate some self-learning time

You can start reading some good books, TED talks on self-discovery, and identifying passion. Also, indulge in activities like meditation, walking in nature, etc. You may get a coach to help you start during the initial phase. The key idea here is that once you discover something, don’t let your logical brain start judging it from a “relevance” perspective. These activities are ways to feed your inner self.

Hence they are to be performed without future return in mind but to enjoy the moment. Once you start identifying these activities that nurture your inner self, you will start finding a better clarity on your life purpose and passion. And these activities would give you the required energy to overcome the morning laziness.

3. Exercise is a must

According to a study published by the University of Glasgow, exercise is closely linked to high production levels. You probably already know that 30 minutes of exercise is plenty for a day, but if you don’t have that much time, 10 minutes is better than nothing. So don’t get disheartened if you can’t make it to 30 minutes every day. This is something I want you to keep in mind if you’re having a bad morning.

Several Redditors emphasized the importance of exercise in combating laziness, especially if done first thing in the morning. Young adults who reported being weary all the time felt more energetic and less exhausted when they exercised at a low to moderate intensity, according to studies.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle and lack energy, frequent workouts such as brisk walking or cycling will help you feel more energized.

4. Definitely, Drink Water 

Drinking water is essential for combating fatigue, which is linked to sleepiness and feeling sluggish. Aside from these advantages, drinking adequate water helps you maintain a healthy blood pressure level and promotes cognitive function. Pro tip: Taking a cold shower might help you reset your mind and alert your body to wake up.

What is the only vitamin demonstrated to improve endurance performance in all but the most strenuous activities? It isn’t a high-priced sports drink. It’s just water. One of the first indicators that your body is dehydrated is a feeling of exhaustion.

You may feel fatigued if you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and pay attention to your thirst, especially if you’re exercising.

5. Eat for Energy 

Eating foods with a low glycemic index (sugars absorbed slowly) may help you avoid the energy slump that comes after eating sugars or refined carbs that are quickly absorbed. Whole grains, high-fiber veggies, nuts, and healthy oils like olive oil all have a low glycemic index. High-carbohydrate foods have the highest glycemic index in general. The Glycemic index for proteins and lipids is close to zero.

A diet rich in complete, nutritious foods is beneficial to your health and energy levels. A diet high in processed foods, on the other hand, can deplete your energy levels.

Low energy levels can make you feel sluggish. From a scientific standpoint, idleness was thought to be a survival instinct 2 million years ago, allowing individuals to conserve their energy and avoid starvation. So it’s natural to feel sluggish and unmotivated when you’re hungry. Make a lovely breakfast for yourself and start your day with a full stomach.

6. Just get dressed Up 

Here’s a tip that’ll come in handy for individuals who work from home. Consider changing out of those stained sweatpants if you can’t find the energy to quit fidgeting on Facebook and start composing your project proposal.

Get some outfits prepared that you think will make you look incredibly classy, businesslike, or whatever. Make it a point to get fully dressed in the morning. Even if you’re not going out, dress as if you were.” Karen Pine, a fashion psychologist, told Forbes, “When we put on a piece of clothing, we frequently adopt the attributes connected with that garment. Because a lot of clothing has symbolic value for us, whether it’s ‘professional work gear or relaxing weekend wear,’ we train the brain to respond in ways that are consistent with that meaning when we put it on.”

7. Use Morning Face Masks

If you want to use facial creams, look for ones that contain essential oils to stimulate your senses, vitamins, and skin-refreshing tones. Refresh yourself in the morning, and you’ll notice that you’re no longer as sluggish. This will also raise your self-esteem because it improves the appearance of your skin.

8. Get Social 

People who are less social are often less happy and sleep less well, according to studies. For example, chatting it up made study subjects feel more awake than sedentary or silent office work.

Getting out of the house and socializing with others is good for your energy levels as well as your health. Try planning social activities with your friends or joining a social club to start a new interest.

If you’re exhausted, take a look at your lifestyle to see what healthy changes you may make to increase your energy and improve your mood. I am sure these suggestions would put you in a better state to take further action in your life and overcome your morning laziness. 

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