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Looking for a New You in 2022? 7 Ways to Drastically Change Your Life This Year

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A new year always brings new resolutions: lose weight, spend more time with family, make amends, etc. However, sometimes new year’s goals can take the form of something as drastic as a cross-country relocation totaling thousands of miles. 

Goals are sometimes easier said than done, which is why you should not only set achievable goals but also plan to implement those goals in small chunks.

Consider a long-distance move.

Move Ahead, Stay Forward with Gratitude

Because of COVID-19, many companies went full, which means more people are free to move without a physical job tying them down. Moving can be a significant way to turn your life around and start fresh. Not only will you have an unparalleled opportunity to build a new friend group from the ground up, but you’ll have plenty of time for self-reflection during travel (via plane or car) and unpacking sessions. 

Should you decide that a move is the best way to kickstart the “new you,” hiring, a moving company and a car transport service can help reduce the stress of moving and allow you to focus on starting your new chapter. Don’t make the mistake of bogging yourself down with tedious to-dos when you can outsource accordingly and soak in the emotional benefits of relocation. 

Limit social media

Social media is an excellent tool for staying updated with friends, family, and celebrities. However, social media can be an unintentional stressor and a waste of time. Rather than eliminating social media, set a time limit for browsing media so you can still get that daily fix of fun, but have it more in your control daily.

Take a moment of meditation.

Meditate to Stay Mindful and Focused

Taking a small amount of time to meditate on what you’re grateful for for the day can be a huge mood booster. Meditation can help clear your mind and bring you back to reality. If you are a person of faith, then meditation can help take you back to your spiritual roots and enhance that part of your life.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill can be as simple as learning how to knit or as complicated as learning a new language. Regardless, learning anything can help our brains improve and stay sharp. Learning something new can also help you connect with others of the same interests.

Do something scary

Tips for Traveling on your Period

If you’ve long dealt with phobias, then picking one of those fears and facing it head-on can have a positive impact on your overall outlook and be a huge confidence booster. Facing your fears can propel you to try more seemingly nerve-wracking activities and possibly even find a new hobby.

Form new relationships, drop the bad ones.

Starting new relationships – whether romantically or not – can be a struggle. However, everyone needs that interpersonal connection, and it’s even more important to understand how to drop the bad ones. 

Cutting out toxic people is good for not only your well-being but for the well-being of others. Toxicity inevitably seeps into other corners of your life. Identifying those toxic traits as early as possible can save you a lot of heartbreak and strife.

Eat better

Best Eating Habits

The age-old resolution, but not without merit. Even slightly changing your diet to be a bit more healthy can do wonders for your body and mental state, which doesn’t have to take the form of a whole diet cleansing or food to revamp, but it can be replacing an unhealthy snack with a healthy snack. Small goals lead to big steps.

Before you go

Following these goals can be difficult, but starting small and rewarding yourself along the way makes them manageable. Researching on the topic (like what you’re doing now) is the first step to a better you, so get out there and make it the best year ever.

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