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4 Things That Shouldn’t Determine Your Self-worth

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Do you know those days where everything just starts to hit you all at once? Responsibilities, goals, dreams, tasks, social media… those moments when you feel like all of the weight of the world was just piled on your shoulders. Those overwhelming days can really put a strain on your self-worth and make you start to experience self-doubt. 

Your world seems at peace and perfectly balanced when your email inbox is at zero. You breathe better when you close your activity rings on your fitness app. You find yourself much more excited about your life when your social media profile is ranking high!

And then, you miss a deadline. You have a busy day at work, you missed your workout, and now your workout streak is ruined. You shared something amazing with your social media following and received an underwhelming response. 

Your self-worth can’t be found in your completed to-do list, your closed activity rings, or the number of likes your photo got on social media. Your worth goes beyond the checklists and daily duties. 

Here are 4 things that shouldn’t determine your self-worth. 

1. Your Social Media Profile 

Whether you use social media as a pastime or it’s your job, don’t let it determine your self-worth. Of course, having people love what you’re doing feels amazing but when the comments stop pouring in, you’re left questioning your value. 

The only valuable “like” you need is the one you have for yourself. Do you like the life you’re living? How can you improve your life? These are the true questions to think about when you start to feel too sucked in in the digital world. 

Learn how to celebrate your victories even when nobody claps for you in your direct messages. Learn how to strengthen your self-esteem to the point where it won’t matter who double-taps your posts, you just know how amazing you are. 

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2. How You Spend Your Day?

Productivity is great. But you might be measuring your self-worth by how productive you are in a day. If you write down all of your goals each morning and if at the end of the day, you haven’t crossed all of them off, you feel like you failed. 

Every day is unique and will present you with one-of-a-kind challenges and reroutes. If your to-do list is taken off-course, try not to feel discouraged. 

Your self-worth isn’t found in checked boxes or in productivity. Trust that you gave it your very best in the day and strategize how to do better tomorrow. 

If you think you’re going to run 100% every day, that just isn’t the case. You’re human! You’re going to have days where everything makes sense, all of your ducks are in a row, and you feel unstoppable. 

There will also be days in your life where you’ll sit at your computer staring at your screen feeling uninspired, tired, and mentally constipated. 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Use every day as a stepping stone to get you to your goal. It doesn’t matter if the step was small or big, what matters is that you kept building. 

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3. Your Exercise Regimen 

There are going to be moments when you simply run out of time in the day to squeeze in a workout. That’s okay. Set your sights on tomorrow! Instead of feeling disappointed in yourself for missing a workout, celebrate the things you were able to accomplish in the day.

Not exercising is bad for your health. But also, living in constant guilt is bad for your health. You have big goals and when life and work get in the way of your fitness, it can start to wear on you. 

Find ways to stay active during the day like adding desk yoga to your routine. During your lunch break, go for an outdoor walk. Do some leg workouts under your desk while tuning into your Zoom meeting. 

And if you’re unable to fit a full hour of dedicated workout time into your schedule, end the day with some stretches to relieve yourself from all of the day’s stresses. 

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4. The Amount of Money You Make 

Nowadays, social media is a place where people like to post about what they have and how much money they make. If you start to compare yourself to the people you see online, imposter syndrome might start creeping in on you. 

The thing people won’t share online is how long it took them to get to that financial point in their career. They also won’t share the nitty-gritty details of what they did to get there. They often won’t share the struggles they faced and how many times they felt like giving up.

You’re not meant to follow the same path somebody else created or followed. You have your individual strengths, skills, and story that’s leading you to where you’re meant to be. Just because you aren’t a millionaire by twenty-five or because you don’t drive your dream car just yet, don’t question your self-worth. 

Instead of living in a space of constant comparison and competition, learn how to live in a space of congratulations and celebration. Congratulate the people that reach their goals and do amazing things and know that your time and unique opportunities are coming. 

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Spend Time Daily to Strengthen Your Self-Worth

Self-worth isn’t something you just have, know, and perfect in a day. It’s something you have to intentionally work on day after day. Give yourself grace, have patience in your timing, and trust that whatever’s yours will find you. 

No matter what you’re struggling with on your worst day, know that your worthiness isn’t found in circumstance or challenge. You’re worthy of incredible things because you’re you. 

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