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Wardrobe Essentials: 6 Types Of Shoes Every Guy Should Own

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Whether you are attending a formal dinner, going on a date, hitting the gym, or going grocery shopping, choosing the right footwear for every occasion is critical.

That machismo, strong and comfortable look is essential for every man to master ‘The art of walking the right way’. 2022 is all about choosing comfort with style.

Here are a few essentials if you are trying to upgrade your wardrobe with footwear. From comfortable men’s shoes to a killer pair of boots, let’s help you collect the perfect shoes for every occasion.



Loafers are a relaxed style and a  must-have for every man who prefers comfort and simplicity. Their design is basic, and the cushioning inside can provide the right arch support for your feet.

Additionally, they can be well matched with any dress giving you that stylish cool look. Since loafers are not tight, your foot gets enough space to move and breathe. These common choices among men are canvas loafers, suede leather, and penny loafers.

2. The comfortable shoes

comfortable shoes

Nothing brings confidence better than a pair of comfortable shoes. After all, who doesn’t want to stay light on their feet and walk with pride?

Bad footwears can cause posture and foot problems. Wearing comfortable shoes has many health benefits and gives you the right support you need. Whether traveling or working, a quality pair of well-fitted and lightweight shoes can deliver the right comfort.

If you want to own a stylish pair of comfy shoes, plenty of comfortable walking shoes for men are available on the market. Additionally, they look appealing and are functional in the long run. Tip: Always check the sizing guide carefully to pick the right fit for your feet. 

3. Sneakers

The stylish and versatile footwear, sneakers, have an endless range of options available on the market. With a multitude of celebs and influencers flaunting sneakers, they have become a trend and a necessity. Sneakers are affordable, casual and designed for everyday wear paired with jeans or a formal dress.

4. Leather Boots

Leather Boots

Leather has some significant differences from other footwear materials. They are durable and classic and reflect a style statement. Although they do not fall under the category of affordable shoes, there is no denying they have some distinctive qualities that make them essential in the wardrobe. Faux leather is a great choice for people seeking leather options that are also budget-friendly. A pair of high-quality leather footwear can be expensive but is a timeless possession. Quality leather shoes can smarten up your overall style and be a statement piece. 

5. The Brogues

The Brogues

When it comes to Brogues, they have a distinctive and universal appeal tough to match. Subtle colors like tan and brown are quintessential shoes you can wear in a business meeting or on a perfect date night. It highlights the aesthetic of an overall style appeal and can give you the perfect gentleman feel. The unique perforations and open lacing style will encourage you to have a love affair with the brogues.

6. The Espadrilles


Espadrilles are extraordinary shoes, and they have set fashion trends worldwide. They are so comfortable and unique that you will fall in love with them. They are made up of jute and come in various styles and textures. They are versatile, designed with perfection and make a classic addition to a men’s wardrobe.

The right shoes are the beginning of a better life. Your shoes can say a lot about you and dramatically boost your confidence giving you a boost of confidence you deserve.

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