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Live stream dating with PLAY DATE By Sage Godrei

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“I used to be a part of after-school acting classes and school concerts in primary school, but it all began to become more serious during my high school as I started doing modelling. Then gradually as I took different paths, it led me towards becoming a journalist, actor, film producer, and screenwriter.”- Sage

Morning Lazziness is bringing you an interesting interview session with Ms. Sage Godrei, an award-winning screenwriter, female producer, actor, journalist, and author.

During the conversation, Sage shared with us about her inspiring journey in the entertainment industry that began with high school modelling, the challenges of establishing a film-producing house, her recent project and collaboration with a Web 3 US platform called Fireside Chat, and her thoughts on NFT and healthy dating experience.


My opportunity to become a content creator on Fireside app, a US Web 3 platform that aims to harness the producers of tomorrow by using blockchain, came about in an interesting way. Fireside is built on SKALE Network blockchain, I interviewed the founder and CEO of SKALE, Jack O’Holleran for my day job as a business reporter at Kalkine Media. He offered to stay in touch and I approached him about being a content creator on Fireside. He generously lined up a personal introduction with the Fireside content team who accepted me on the platform.

At first, I thought I was just going to produce an interview show. But it’s evolved into PLAYDATE which is more like a reality show.

Healthy Dating 

“A healthy dating experience is determined by different ideologies and parameters that different types of people enjoy. A few important things to keep in mind in order to enjoy a healthy dating experience is knowing yourself and knowing what you want and be sure about communicating the same, being honest with yourself and ready to take some risks and manage them. A healthy dating experience is about an exchange of energy, a bit of compromise but also putting what you want and what’s important to you as a priority and I think, if you find the right person who is willing to accept you for who you are as a person, then we can make something happen out of it.”- Sage

Can NFT and Dating go parallel?

“In my opinion, NFT seems to have a lot more future than what it has already managed to accomplish at the moment. For dating, considering the fact that NFT provides number 1 security for maintaining people’s identity and keeping a check on fake profiles and malicious behaviors online. I also think that using blockchains, we can save beautiful life experiences that you have shared with your dating partners and keep a record of your dating life.” – Sage 

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