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Web3 Infrastructure Peculiarity

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One of the main features of the third generation Internet is the decentralization of the network. And the heart or foundation of any decentralized network is the web 3 infrastructure (WI). At its core, WI is nothing more than a technological structure that contains various decentralized technologies, such as identity and storage systems, peer-to-peer networks and blockchain.

All this architecture serves to realize many goals in IT projects. In particular, it is with its participation that all kinds of dApps are developed that open up broad prospects for users, allowing them to exchange various data and values.

As we can see, WI is exactly the “trigger” that can lead to fundamental changes in various areas of human activity – economic, banking, humanitarian, medical, entertainment, etc. and so on. Consequently, blockchain infrastructure companies are able to carry out various infrastructure projects for various clients in any direction of their business.

Examples of infrastructure projects

As part of this review, we do not aim to list all the numerous web3 infrastructure solutions that companies providing such services can implement. It is enough to list just a few of them in order to understand how diverse the requests for infrastructure objectives are.

For example, in one of the requests, a client who was a provider of information from API interface requested the creation of an WI for their software product. Moreover, this infrastructure should be not only reliable, but also secure, as well as automatically scalable. According to another request, the client needed to set up a CI/CD system. As part of such a software solution, it was necessary to implement the principle of “continuous deployment and delivery” in order for the client’s processes to be subject to constant automatic monitoring.

One of the most demanded infrastructure projects is the development of WI, designed for Blockchain “Extract, Transform, Load” or ETL. Its popularity is explained by the fact that such a project contributes to a simpler understanding of blockchain theory.

And we already know that, in addition to the decentralized network, the applying of the blockchain methodology is also one of the main features of the third generation Internet. The solution of such infrastructure tasks entails a whole range of actions of a multifunctional team of specialists. Usually such work is carried out in several stages according to a previously developed action plan. It is a good practice to provide the client with the opportunity to track the implementation and completion of each stage of work, confirming this completion.

The forcefulness of the applied approaches

It should be noted that the implementation of such projects is of value not only for customers. The companies themselves that provide services for the development of WI also acquire certain bonuses. The most important of these bonuses is the invaluable experience that the development team gains.

In addition, working together with the client’s specialists, the development team becomes part of a joint team for the duration of the work. This fact allows them to quickly and efficiently make various decisions and fix problems that have arisen. Such a joint principle of work also allows to significantly reduce the cost of developing and implementing the project.

Addition, a big plus is the possibility of training the team’s specialists, precisely due to the implementation of the decisions made. And, of course, after the development is completed, the process of joint work does not stop, since the implemented project needs constant support and improvement.

We have only briefly covered some of the WI projects, however, even on the basis of this, we can conclude that the correct approach to the formation of a team of specialists plays a significant role in such work.

At the same time, the introduction of the DevOps methodology into the work play an important role. And this is not only the formation of a single multifunctional team and the elimination of functional barriers between narrowly focused specialists. It is important to follow one of the postulates of DevOps – the use of the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) approach.

Its advantage lies in the fact that the entire WI must be presented in the form of code, which means that its control and tuning must be programmatic. With this approach, the speed and accuracy of control and adjustments are ensured, and human influence on this process is minimized.

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