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Not Your Average Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2023

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner and I know I personally take a lot of time & thought into gifting my Mama something that reminds her that a) I do listen to what she has to say and b) that I am thoughtful on gifts that show her my gratitude and appreciation and not just some random pretty Hallmark card with a $25 Starbucks gift card inside. 

These are my top picks this year for getting a meaningful and well thought gift for that speical woman in your life. 

Give mom the glow of her life with Lomolique by Gwendolyn Osborne

1. Lomolique-min

The first high performance age-defying facial oil made with Renoavge. This is the only facial oil she’ll need as it toxic-free, cruely free, vegan, and helps smooth and firm fine lines & wrinkles, Visbily reduces dark spots & evens out skin tones, restores skin’s luminosity, reduces irritation and inflammation.

It’s time to make Mother’s Day a little more magical with The Maniscripting Journal.

2. Maniscripting-min

This 90-Day journal will allow moms to dive deep into maniscripting their dreams & goals whether it’s personal, family or career related, this journal helps map out a 3 month journey also providing self-care rituals, and activation challenges. 

Babyfoot Peel

3. Babyfoot-min

The Original Foot Peel will leave mom’s hardworking feet feeling smooth and soft, like a baby’s foot, after only one-hour. 16 natural extracts and oils are used in the making of Baby Foot to create that needed luxury, at-home spa experience. The addition of alicyclic acid effectively exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, softening your feet and reducing peeling over the preceding weeks.

Help mom relieve symptoms caused by eye strain so that she can feel more relaxed in order to achieve better sleep with  Sweet Night Eye Tech Mask.

4. Sweet Night Eye Tech Mask-min

This Eye Tech Mask is a mobile powered eye massager that Eye strain and soreness has been a common condition especially in this day-and-age where we spend a great deal of time in front of digital monitors and screens. 

Upgrade mom’s wardrobe with size-inclusive brand Democracy Clothing with their best-selling “Ab”solution® Fit Technology jeans.


Allowing her to enhance what “her mama gave her”, elevate her confidence and evolve her personal style.  

La Peony Clothing

6. La Peony Clothing-min

Gift mom an eco-frienldy, sustainable, fair trade, female owned & founded brand that proudly supports women artisans globally the every lady uniform for every day, every travel, and every meeting. Their bestselling handcrafted Caroline jumpsuit is a wardrobe essential. 

Collagen Socks Trio

Collagen Socks Trio

These cruelty free, clean ingredients, & 100% vegan collagen foot sheet masks will nourish & soften mom’s soles in just 15 minutes. Infused with vegan collagen, argan oil and floral extracts, your mother will be delivered the selfcare that she deserves.

Upgrade mom’s cosmetics & travel bag this Spring with Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Case.

8. Stephanie Johnson Cosmetic Case-min

The Martha is a large cosmetic case with a roomy interior that boasts three removable compartments and a large clear zip wall pocket. Everything has a place and is easy to find. 

Westerlay Orchids – sometimes moms don’t want roses or flowers, that’s why these Box Of Orchids are perfect to add to any gift. 

9. Westerlay Orchids-min

Help mom make delicious breakfast and hearty dinners with Wildgrain

10. Wildgrain-min

This is the first bake-from-frozen (and perfect) subscription gift for the mother who likes to cook and bake but doesn’t have the “prep” time. Wildgrain provides delicious & wholesome sourdough breads, fresh pastas, artisanal pastries and not to mention FREE croissants with every order. 

Let mom’s eyes do the talking with “Love agt First Sight” Collection by Natasha Moor Cosmetics.

11. Natasha Moor-min

Perfect four shade set with colors cleverly named, Confident (royal blue), Grounded (chocolate brown), Genuine (real-world teal), and Visionary (metallic gold). A cruelty-free and vegan pencil formulated with Vitamin E for a gentle application.  

Enhance a new mom’s breastfeeding journey with these modern Vegan Leather Breast Pump Bags and accessories that can be used beyond their reastfeeding journey with One Pumped Mama

12. One Pumped Mama-min

The Little Mama necklace by Bubs & Sass is super cute, making it the perfect gift for new moms! Part of their stainless steel & waterproof collection available in gold and silver. 

13. Bubs _ Sass-min

Help transform mom’s shower session into her own invigorating spa with the VOESH Vitamin C Shower Filter. This Vitamin C shower filter brings the spa to Mom’s shower with skin-loving ingredients and pleasant scents that help her escape into her own little world.

14. Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter-min

Skin-loving ingredients include: Vitamin C to remove residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water to rejuvenate her skin and condition her hair; Vegan Probiotics to strengthen and regenerate the skin barrier and Oatmeal Powder to soften and soothe for healthy glowing skin.

Add to your mom’s reading list this year with Boy Moms: Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons  – founder and former CEO of Kara Forney, Boy Moms is a compilation of beautifully diverse stories from moms of boys that reflect the joys, challenges and changing dynamics of the Boy Mom experience today.

15. Boy Mom Book-min

It speaks directly to the recipient personally, with uplifting stories from moms of sons that will inspire all Boy Moms! 

Help mom achieve her health & fitness goals with the NuShape Lipo Wrap. Created by a mother herself and healthy lifestyle expert, Jesscia Charles brings the benefits of red light therapy home with ​​The Original WEARABLE Red-Light Therapy.

16. NuShape Lipo Wrap-min

With its best-selling device The Nushape Lipo Wrap, this high-tech company uses the power of Red-Light and Near-Infrared Therapy to deliver coveted solutions like fat loss, muscle toning, cellulite reduction, pain relief and many more wellness benefits TO THE BODY. Plus, it’s the first solution that offers SPOT REDUCTION of fat—just in time for bathing-suit season!

Become mom’s fave with Vine to Bar gift bundle.

17. Vine Bar-min

By upcycling  the WellVine™️ Chardonnay Marc into delicious, earth-friendly dark chocolate, this chocuterie board is for the mama’s who love their wines and chocolates. An assortment of chocolate squares, nibs, and almonds; you can’t go wrong. 

Make family nights great again with What Do You Meme: Family Edition.  

18. What Do You Meme-min

Think outside the box with Tinggly’s Perfect For Her experience. Valued at $129, mom will get to pick from a plethora of experiences nationwide. She can book a solo trip or for two on her terms, her time.

19. Tinggly_s Perfect for Her-min

Experiences range from relaxing spa treatments to culinary tastings, adrenaline adventures and more. The best part, there’s no expiration date. 

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