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50 Things You Should Avoid Saying To Yourself In The Morning

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Mornings are meant to be refreshing and optimistic as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. To have a beautiful and aligned day, staying positive is essential.

However, there are days when we wake up feeling low due to what happened on the previous day or dealing with health issues, office workload, relationship problems, and so on.

Such negative thoughts in the morning depress us and demolish our inner peace. And they keep on multiplying as we think more about them.

HENCE, It is imperative to stay away from the vicious cycle of negativity. You can only do that if you stop saying certain things or refrain from using certain words, especially in the morning.

Here are some things that you should avoid saying to yourself:

“I am not good enough.”

“I am a burden to my family.

“I should die.

“I can’t do this.

“I am such a bad person.

“I don’t deserve this.

“Nobody loved me.

“I should be living up to others’ expectations.

“Nobody thinks good of me.

“Everyone hates me.

Morning Lazziness

“What they think and say about me matters.

“My life is miserable.

“I hate myself.

“I hate my life.

“I will not prioritize myself.

“Their happiness is my happiness.

“This is what I deserve.

“I don’t feel like living.

“I wish I didn’t have such bad luck.

 “It’s too late for me, so why bother?

“But what will they think about me?

“I’m so stupid.


“No one will ever love me.

“I can’t do it.

“I don’t think he/she likes me because they didn’t answer my text/call/e-mail.

“Life isn’t fair. If only things were better….

“I hate my body.

“I am unfit for this society.

“I’m so embarrassed I wish I could disappear.

“I’m out of his/her league.

“I can’t believe he/she got picked over me.

Things You Should Never Say In The Morning

“It’s too hard.

“I can’t trust anyone; I’ve been hurt too much.

“I am incapable of loving someone.

“I am so fat.

“I might as well give up.

“I am so ugly.

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“I don’t belong here.

“I am an embarrassment.

“I want to quit.

“I can’t love myself.

“Everything is over.

“It is not worth it.

“I am a loser.

“I am a sinner.

“I lack values.

“I don’t think you can trust me.

“I am a bitch/ dog.

“Stay away from me.

“I am such an idiot.

Wrapping up!

At the start, it might be hard for you to get up from your bed and face the world during weak moments. But life goes on. Replace such negative thoughts with positive ones with full conviction. You might not observe immediate results, but slowly and gradually. Saying positive affirmations will bring miraculous results and improve your quality of life.

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