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6 Zodiac Signs Who Find It Tough To Move On From Their Exes

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It’s no joke getting heartbroken. There are serious emotional and psychological repercussions that can negatively affect your happiness over time. 

But the hardest thing to do is to let go of the past. It takes time, understanding, and commitment to move on from a relationship.

Emotional people take more time to move on, maybe 4-5 months or even 2-3 years. At the same time, some people move on overnight. 

A lot depends on the individual’s characteristics and coping strategy to move on from a breakup, but there are some zodiac signs which find it way harder than others. 

Let’s find out if yours is on the list or not!


You remember them all day, not because of what bad things they did to you, but for the happy moments you still cherish. And this actually results in you not being able to move on from your exes because all you miss is the good part.


Breakups are a nightmare for you. Loving someone with such devotion and then watching them walk away hurts you a lot. 

You keep doubting yourself and blame yourself for not being able to do enough. Believe it or not, you’ve done more than enough; let go of them.


You can’t hide everything, fellow Geminis. Your social energy runs out every now and then, which leads you to remember the beautiful time you spent with your exes. At night, you get flashbacks of literally everything. You feel more insecure after your breakup, which can mentally affect you.

The only reason you find it hard to move on is that you both have mutual friends. Wherever you go, you find yourself back at the same point.


Moving on for a Cancerian is not a cup of tea at all. You mourn, you miss, you regret, you perish; actually, you go through every single emotion associated with heartbreaks.

You try your level best to get back with them even if it costs you your self-respect. You take a long, long time to get yourself back on track.


It wasn’t just another relationship for you; it was everything to you. You were not a part of it; you were the heart and soul of your relationship. And when something like that gets damaged, you are stuck for a very long period. You go through sleepless nights or may even not sleep at all. You feel all the emotions in the most devastating ways because you did everything to save it only to get nothing.


Well, you all might be surprised to see this emotionally unavailable sign on this list. Aquarians are the ones who get stuck on their exes and might not be aware of it at all, as they are so ignorant of their own feelings. You live in denial that nothing bad happened, but the day you realize what you have lost is the day everything becomes empty and darker for you.

All you need to focus on is accepting the fact that you have feelings and it hurts when someone plays with them; this way, you’ll be able to get a good closure and move on eventually from your ex.


Give yourself time to process the shock, sadness, anger, hate, guilt, and grief of what happened.

We all go through mishaps every now and then; it’s on you how well you accept the truth and continue to focus on yourself first and prioritize yourself over others.

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